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Young Again can actually be less expensive to feed than many premium cat foods. An 8 pound bag of our nutrient-dense carnivore food can feed the average kitten up to 4 months.

Young Again's complete line of cat foods will satisfy even the fussiest feline.

On the other hand, if your cat is wary of change, we suggest the following strategies. Rather than gradually replacing the old food with the new one—a method better suited to dogs than cats—grind up some of the old food and coat the new food with it. This will make the new food seem more familiar to the cat. (The opposite can work, too, by grinding up the new food and coating the old food with it.) A third method is to grind up some Young Again kibble, put it into their wet food, and slowly increase the amount every day. While you’re doing this, be sure to put a bowl of dry Young Again kibble nearby.

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Do NOT Mix Young Again with other CAT foods.

Young Again has developed three ZERO Cat Foods recommended for diabetic and obese cats. Our 54/26 ZERO TruCarnivore™ Formula can be fed to ALL cats of any age.

Young Again Premium Cat Food Benefits:

Bonnie was diagnosed with Feline Diabetes 2 years ago this August. I’ve known a few friends who have had Diabetic cats, and after 2 or so years, they passed away. This was my give-it-all-I’ve-got moment and I grabbed it. The food was delivered the same week – I got emails from Fed Ex about the status. I remember the day it was delivered – a really hot Friday in July, and I was worried about whether the quality would be affected, sitting in the heat all day, but the Fed Ex guy dropped the food off inside the garage, which was nice. Bonnie LOVED the Young Again food (so did our other cat, Archie), so that was a plus.At Young Again, we believe that digestible carbs in excess of 5% should not be fed to your cat. Your cat is an obligate carnivore and lacks the physiology required for the efficient digestion of vegetable matter and, in fact, some carnivorous mammals eat vegetation specifically as an emetic (to induce vomiting). The domestic cat is a prime example of an obligate or true carnivore and has no nutritional requirement for carbohydrates or other vegetable matter. The excess carbs and plant products found in many leading cat foods may be the primary cause of diabetes, obesity and UTI in cats today.