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Yes! All World's Best Cat Litter™ formulas have undergone rigorous testing to confirm they are sewer and septic safe. Unlike clay-based litters, World's Best Cat Litter™ harnesses the concentrated power of corn, so you can simply scoop, flush and move on with your day!

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World's Best Cat Litter™ products are made from food or feed-grade ingredients and are safe for kittens over eight weeks of age. In general, veterinarians do not recommend that kittens under eight weeks old use cat litter.

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Thank you for sharing your feedback. To clarify; have you tried World’s Best Cat Litter™? One aspect that World’s Best made sure not to overlook despite their original approach is giving up standard clumping abilities that have become the staple of many cat litters. Many times when going with non-traditional materials companies will have to give up clumping ability or at least it will be significantly weakened in effectiveness. This can be detrimental to the overall odor controlling capabilities of the product, as clumping has been known to provide significant support in locking in cat waste odors for long periods of time. That isn’t the case here, as this company proudly boasts that they still retain excellent clumping in all of their products that are intended to do so. We find this approach very refreshing.

World's Best Cat Litter Scented Multiple Cat Clumping Formula

The $17.3 million expansion project at the existing Muscatine-based facility will be completed by late 2018. The Kent Pet Group investment is directed at boosting production of World’s Best Cat Litter™—a family of high-performance natural cat litters.

World's Best Cat Litter Clumping Formula

Or, you may receive your refund by mailing the original UPC code from the bag and your store receipt (please include your name and full mailing address) to the following address within 90 days of purchase:

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Muscatine IA 52761Look for us in the cat litter aisle! You'll find the only litter that harnesses the concentrated power of corn to give you a cleaner litter box with less hassle and less litter. World's Best Cat Litter™ is available online, in pet specialty and grocery stores, and in major chains including Target and Walmart.Got a question, suggestion or even (gasp!) a complaint? At World's Best Cat Litter™, we want to hear about it. Your input helps us do what we do best—make cat litter that helps you keep your litter box clean and your cat happy.This cat litter has been topping most lists of the best litters for some time now. It uses whole-kernel corn to clump cat poop hard and to absorb the urine. Again, World’s Best Cat Litter comes with gentle, natural fragrance from wood fibers to eliminate the ammonia odor. The litter is also easy to scoop and to clean. It is flushable and septic safe, so you won’t have to carry loads of cats’ poop down the stairs now and then. World’s Best Cat Litter is also dust free and ensures no tracking.