Mar 11, 2017 - Trixie Pet Products Wooden Cat Home & Litter Box

Meow Town Litter Box
Did you know that your cat's litter box can be such a decorative piece that completes various designs? It has a discreet side opening to allow cat easy entry and exit. Hinged top offers convenient access to litter pan. It is made from sturdy MDF and wood.

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Raised Panel Litter Box Concealment Cabinet
This cozy litter box is a wonderful solution for homes in which they live animals. Cute wooden finish and subtle details make it look really nice and still fulfills its capability. Your cat will be happy about it.

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Litter-Box-Hider-Cat-Chest-White-Wood-Clean-Wooden-Hidden-Furniture-Washroom-NEW Tired of that open, messy cat litter box pan? Or maybe you live in an apartment and you have no good place to hide your cat's plastic litter box. Here is the solution, a Cat Litter Box enclosure cabinet made from solid Ash wood. Ships completely assembled and with 3 stain choices (and two designs), you are sure to find one that fit's your home's decor.

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or - Multi-functional, versatile and practical design with classic styling! Furniture grade cat litter box cover and enclosure that all cat lovers will appreciate! You have your choice of either a Raised Panel or a Flat Panel version with the opening on the right or left side. Handcrafted by a local craftsman with over 35 years of wood furniture making experience makes this cabinet a top quality piece!

This beautiful wood cat litter box is both sturdy and functional

Cat furniture is a wood chest cat litter box cover, available in a choice of wood stain colors or paint. Gives kitties a tranquil, private area for the litter box and gives you a beautiful addition to any room. This chest also protects cat litter box from curious dogs and toddlers. (Or use this cat furniture instead as a place for kitty to dine without interference.)Large Litter Box Hider
This comprehensive cat litter box is also a stylish end table. Solidly made of robust and works well in many ways. The chrome frame and solid construction of wood gives it an elegant dimension.To reduce shipping costs, the litter box chest cat furniture is delivered unassembled, with 16 screws and instructions. You'll need a screwdriver and, to tap the wooden screw covers in, a mallet or light weight hammer. It comes with two dividers, which you can re-position or remove any time you wish. Chest has been updated since the photos were taken; now the dividers are attached using metal brackets (included). This cat furniture is large enough to hold a litter pan (18 x 15) with space left over for storing kitty litter, or it holds a LitterMaid (except for the Mega Elite model).My DIY cat litter box cover. I took an old wooden toy box I found on Craigslist. Add some wooden blocks to the legs to give it a bit more height. Cut out the particle board bottom so I could place the litter box down in. Cut a piece of rug to cover the particle board to catch excess litter from their feet and then cut a hole in the end for entrance. Painted it up, placed a rug and their food on top. Voila! A pretty and functional litter box cover. Seriously THE best thing ever! The cats love…