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The suction cups are made in the US and are rated to hold 12 pounds each. They will not come off the window unless there is something amiss, if it does not have a good seal. Typically if this happens, one suction cup will fall but the others will hold the perch up enough so your kitty doesn't fall. The enemy of the suction cup is dust and oils. The suction cups are meant to be placed in a sunny window so they stay soft and flexible. They should be washed periodically in hot soapy water and re-seated on clean glass and they will be as good as new. I've had the same perches up for years, one on the inside of a fixed window of a slider, and one on the outside. My boys are about 14 pounds each and sometimes they like to snuggle together on the perch, grooming and wrestling, like cats do.

Lazy Pet Deluxe Model Window Perch For Cats. Perch For Cats In A Window. Attach To Window Sill

For a mobile solution, almost any cat condo or climbing tree can serve as a window perch. Move your cat’s favorite climbing tree in front of a window or glass door and voila! You have a comfortable, portable window seat, without any installation hassles.

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We won't tell the minpins it's for cats. Curious Cats Window Perch in Cozy Faux Fur 2 by JennGv on Etsy Cat beds and bedding come in all shapes and sizes for any kind of cat. From cozy hideaway style beds, to window beds for cats who love to perch, finding a style that suits your feline is an important part of pet ownership.

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Give your cats a room with a view with the K&H Kitty Sill Bolster Deluxe Cat Window Perch. This sturdy comfort cat window perch is a step up from typical cat perches because it provides your feline friend with the ultimate relaxation spot. While many cat perches include just a padded surface, the Bolster Deluxe features a cushioned support as well as a padded zip-off bolster to add that extra layer of pillow-soft support. Your cat is sure to love cuddling into and around the bolster while enjoying views of the outdoors. The K&H Kitty Sill Bolster Deluxe Cat Window Perch sports an adorable multi-colored kitty print on the poly/cotton bolster fabric. The surface of the comfort cat window perch is made with a soft, velvet-like micro fleece. The soft fabrics give Bolster Deluxe cat perches that added degree of luxury that your cat will just adore. Lounging by the window and taking in all the sights of birds fluttering by has never been so enjoyable for your cat. While pets love the luxury of the comfort cat window perch, pet parents love how easy it is to set up and install! The K&H Kitty Sill Bolster Deluxe Cat Window Perch comes with decor-friendly supports as well as velcro and screws to make putting the whole package together even simpler. Installation is so easy, in fact, that you don't even need tools! Other cat perches require oodles of time and labor to put together, but not the Bolster Deluxe. Its design takes your needs and time into consideration, the result being an easy-to-assemble package that practically anyone can complete.

A sunny window makes a great location for a cat window perch