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Cats naturally love watching the outdoors and keeping an eye on anything that moves outside. Therefore, anyone could provide an outlet for this fancy by purchasing them a cat window seat, which at the same time would utilize apartment space as a perfect viewpoint for your pet’s hobby. Relaxing and to lounge in the window allows a cat to also bask in the sunlight and feel the sun’s warmth while they enjoy the view. As a matter of fact, most contemporary apartments come with window sills built to hold a a cat window perch seat. For those who have cat lovers on their gift giving list or know someone who has a cat, they can be a wonderful gift idea which demonstrates your fondness for their furry friend. However if you live in an apartment, you need consider a few points before you install a window perch. You need to speak with your landlord to ensure that they approve its installation on your apartment. If this is not allowed, then you might have to opt for a portable solution for your pet. Fortunately, shops today can offer a wide range of options in window perch design. If you can not drill into a wall some are made with mounts that use suction cups to adhere them to the glass, making installation easier and needing no hardware to install. This is also a convenient choice for pet owners since it requires minimal to no maintenance. Check with the individual shelf make but many can hold up to 30 lbs weight.

Imagine Scruffy, not a cat - a Scruffy window seat. He looks just like BluePurr.

We have a cat tree in our bedroom . . it helps (sometimes) save us from having 3 cats in bed with us! Zuni loves to hang out there all day and look out the window . .but she gets pretty upset when someone steals it from her! We have had a couple of window seats, but they have always had to be screwed in to the window frame . .this looks like it is easier to use and could be easily moved! Cool!!

The search is over with the Sunny Seat Cat Window Bed

Perfect Perch Cat Window Seat Bed Bench Scratching pad wooden via Etsy Lacey’s Lookout™ comes with a large step with a non-skid carpeted surface that is attached with screws rather than glue for easy cleaning. While most cats will be able to jump on top of the window seat without the step, it’s a great addition for older, arthritic cats. The window seat can be set up without the step. I did not assemble the step, but since the assembly steps are the same as for the Lookout itself, I know I could have easily accomplished that, too.

Kitty Sill Deluxe Small Leopard Window Sill Cat Seat ..

Today, I’m super excited to introduce you to one of the most gorgeous pieces of cat (and dog) furniture I’ve seen in a while: the Lacey’s Lookout™ Window Seat from The Savvy Pet. This patent pending design is not only beautiful, it’s about as functional as a piece of cat furniture can get.

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