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basic idea is great, but the window side would create an oven in the summer even with your ventilation. texas sun can be brutal. would be nice to have the clear window removable to put in a screen (made from pet screen) that would be inter changeable with the solid window. like the idea of getting the litter box out of the house. i’ve built a screened enclosure in my garage accessible from the laundry room. your box would be good good for this purpose as well. would like to see the box tall enough for a large cat not to hit his head on the roof part.

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These perches are mostly cat-centric since most dogs won't fit on a small window perch, but is perfect for them (or a home with multiple cats) since it's not affixed to the wall. And it’s an efficient use of space, too! Use salvaged wood, recycle an old coffee table, or add wheels to a small open bookshelf. Add food and water bowls and/or a litter box in the cubby holes, add a cushion, and you’re done!

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plexiglass window box | How to Build a Window Box For a Cat : How-To : DIY Network Inside your home, Katio has two doors that open for easy access and cleaning. One door has a cat flap installed and there’s a little ledge for kitty to perch on when entering and exiting the Katio. Because Katio is well ventilated and can be closed off from the inside of the house, you could also use it for the litter box. This would bring the litter box up to window height, making it easier to clean.

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Another option is to install a window box that provides a protected perch for cats to enjoy a panoramic view of the great outdoors. Window boxes can be ordered from the listed sources:

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Our Kitty Peeper™window patio was designed to be highly appealing to cats. Said another way, we didn't just modify a dog enclosure or metal box and slap a "cat" label on it. For example, our design features a roof, which in combination with the black screening, provides cats with a "prowl like," stealthy outdoor experience aligned with their natural instincts and desires, and which protects them from too much direct sun exposure which can lead to skin cancer in certain breeds, all without hampering their view or their safety. Cats spend a lot of time in their Peepers, so this is important.Cat Crapper 6000 - My husband & I needed to figure out a way to contain the litter boxes of our 6 (6!) kitties, as well as get rid of the odor they produce. We designed what we call "The Cat Crapper 6000." It has 6 stainless steel litter pans & a high-powered, low-decibel bathroom fan mounted in the back that vents out through the basement window. Oh yeah, & it's personalized with stickers for each kitty.Cat solarium, cat window perch, cat windowsill perch, cat perch, modern cat perch, cat window bed, cat window seat, cat veranda, cat window ledge, cat windowsill ledge, feline window box, feline solarium, cat window box outside, feline window box enclosure, cat window box enclosure, feline window perch, feline perch, modern feline perch, feline window seat, cat window condo, cat enclosures, outdoor cat enclosures, cat window pen, cat window enclosure cage, outdoor cat enclosure, cat window box enclosure, cat porch enclosure, cat window seats, window seats for cats, cat window cage, window boxes for cats, cat window protection, cat veranda window house, cat veranda window box, outdoor cat window perch, cat window shelter, cat shelter, cat shelter cage, outdoor cat house, cat pen, cat window pen, cat houses, cat furniture, cat window patio, cat house.Using her experience as a general contractor and her background in feng shui and color design, Chomos built two enclosures: a small window box where Serena spends her afternoons and a large catio for them to enjoy together. “I wanted to keep her safe, healthy and happy, and really provide her with an enriching outdoor experience,” says Chomos, who was sitting in that space with Serena one day when she decided to turn her ideas into a business called Catio Spaces.