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To receive a full refund for Whisker City XL Premium Hooded Cat Litter Pan, bring the pan and your receipt or a copy of this email to your local PetSmart store. If you do not wish to return the pan for a refund and would like to continue using the product, you can remove the defective clear door and the pan will be fully functional and safe.

Here's a great example of how our cat photography totally makes the product packaging for Whisker City cat products.

To get the cat moving and entertained, Whisker City cat furniture is ideal. Towers to climb, sisal poles to sharpen the claws and snuggle holes to hide - complete fun for the pet cat within an easy reach. Check the products below.

Whisker City® Skyscraper Cat Tree

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Whisker City® Deluxe Playground Cat Tree

Whisker City® Three Story Tower Rope Cat Scratcher.