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I have found that livers produce numbers not trophy cats. I usually have two lines baited with livers and the other two lines baited with live shad. The livers IME have caught more eating size cats usually channels, while the shad catch the bigger bragging size cats which are usually the flatheads. At times I have switched to hot dogs doused in strawberry kool aid and garlic when the livers aren’t hitting. I think chicken livers, stink baits, and homemade baits are all part of a well rounded arsenal of baits. Catfish are finicky; one night they may be all over the livers and the next night hot dogs are what they want to devour. But if you are wanting trophies than shad/bluegills are the only way to go IME.

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Chad, I have seen all of your videos. I have learned a lot and really concentrate almost all my fishing time on catfish. Your info has certainly improved the numbers and size of my catches. Being retired now , I catfish about 2 times a week during those spring, summer & fall days. I am not a wintertime fisherman ( Ohio is just cold in winter). I seldom fish at night – you can see what you doing in daylight. I do like early A.M. & late P.M. best – again I think it beat the heat -especially in hot days.). Thanks for all the good info. Jim R , Ohio

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What Do Catfish Eat? - The North American Fly Fishing Forum Hello Michael, thanks for your question, sorry for the delayed answer, been fishin' a little myself. First off I know some people here that would love to catch those monster turtles for mull. But I completely understand when you are out there looking to catch big catfish turtles are roses in your garden. Try moving to deeper water. During the spawn you may have to work through the turtles as the fish are up shallower. But by this time they should mostly be done with spawning and be heading into the post spawn and back into deeper 25+ foot water during the day.I did get one report last week of some catfish still spawning at Santee. Weather may have them confused. Back to the turtles at hand, unless they are seal team 6 turtles they wont be able to hold their breathe that long in the deeper water and should become less of a problem. I have caught some big softshells at Santee in deep water with live baits but only a few. Hope this helps and you are on your way to bigger and better catfish. Let us know how you do and also what state you are fishing in. We all learn off of the information provided.

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Flatheads don't usually move around as much as blues so you may find that big beastly flathead still around that area of Walnut River Channel. If you can legally catch and use live bait like white perch or bream that would be my baits of choice to try to lure him in. Any live small fish you can catch there should be worth a try including small catfish. An 80 pound flathead is capable of eating a fish up to 25 pounds so you can use even up to a big bream, shad, perch or whatever you can catch that is legal to use for bait.

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