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Hello there, I’m currently in a desperate situation. I have 2 cats female and male. The damage just turned 1 year old while the male, paulie is 5 months older. I rescued them both from different animal shelters. And ever since I got them they barely eat dry food. The both eat wet food most of the time. I feed them friskies wet food. And they both have been suffering from diarrhea for about 7 months now, I tried to buy medicine because I thought it was a parasite but the medicine didn’t work. I’very been trying different brands of dry food such as Purina one, fancy feast, whiskies but they just don’t seen to like it. They would only eat it when they get hungry and is not foot time yet. I feed them about one can and 1/2 yo each one every day. I need help and advice to change their diet and find a good brand of dry food that they would like and that is also healthy for them.. I hope you can help me, thank.

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Of all these brands, 9Lives is the most affordable choice. Some of its prices can even compare to dry cat food brands, but it is not the best wet cat food on the market. The biggest drawback to 9Lives is that, while cheap, it is not up to the nutritional standard of some of these other brands.

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WET FOOD cat feeder | Automatic Dispenser - Cat Food Brands Right away I’d say to cut out the dry food completely. Dry food has too many carbs for our cats, especially for those trying to lose a few pounds. Go for a high-protein, grain-free wet food only. The Hills “light” diet you were feeding kitty is chock-full of empty fillers and carbs–try to avoid it! And never free-feed (leave food out for) an overweight kitty.
Also, portion control is much more important than calorie counting. Give her set portions, 2-3 times per day. If she doesn’t finish her portion, throw it out. She’ll learn to adapt to this feeding schedule and eat everything you put in front of her, no more, no less!

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I just left my one year old neutered cat at the vet hospital for an overnight stay. He had a partial blockage from crystals in his urine. When I pick him up tomorrow I know they want to send me him home with prescription food from their office. I’ve read on various blogs that these are often not as high in protein as commercial brands from the pet store. Couldn’t I just buy a high protein wet food that’s a better quality than a prescription food? If so, any that are recommended? He was on Go! and Orijen but I’ll be taking him off the dry food completely.

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Fancy Feast is one of the most popular cat food brand. It is available in cans of 3 oz. It comes in 3 different varieties of Classic, Chunky And Roasted. This brand is loved by cats and you will surely find a flavor that your cat loves. Pawbot can dispense wet can food for all can sizes.In this article you will receive a wealth of information about wet cat food so you can determine whether or not it is the right choice for your pet. If you do decide to feed your cat wet food, you will also find some helpful tips and tricks for choosing a high-quality product. You will also receive recommendations for quality wet cat food brands to help you get started.