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Hi Wendy, I don’t see in the UK automatic wet food feeders what work with tags but you can create a special feeding station with microchip flap for the cat that does not get to eat. You can see about it.

The Catzenpup Automatic Wet Food Feeder Dispenses All National Brand Pet Foods:

This is a five compartment automatic pet food dispenser that can be used for both cats and dogs. Each compartment can hold up 230 grams of food. While this is officially a dry food dispenser, you can use it for wet food if you put an ice pack at the bottom. In terms of durability, this feeder has a solid design that doesn’t break easily. The LCD timer is delightfully efficient, and you can set the dispenser to feed your cat once a day for five days or five times a day. This feeding station is easy to clean by hand or using a dishwasher.

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IMPORTANT TIPS WHEN IT COMES TO BUYING A WET FOOD AUTOMATIC CAT FEEDER: It’s the first and only automatic fresh wet food feeder that can open your cat’s wet food for them when you can’t be there, and it is currently available on . While nothing can replace the bond that develops through the feeding of your pet, there will definitely be times when you are stuck at work, or have to run out and simply can’t be there to feed them, and this feeder solves that problem. Secretly, my hope is that if this project gets funded, they will then have the means to create another version of the feeder that will open tin cans. Also, my mom has been known to buy Fancy Feast appetizers for Caymus and Murphy and I can’t tell you how many times I have spilled the juice from those things all over my top because it splashed out when I was opening them. I think if my mom had one of these, I would use it just to open the food on a regular basis. I hate opening up those foil sealed cat food containers.

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We all know that I am not a fan of dry food for cats. I have been asked to review a number of automatic pet feeders, but they all are tailored towards dry food. I can’t support them with a review, as a result (although I do acknowledge that some feral cat populations and some shelter cats have to eat dry food for cost purposes – overall, I am not for promoting those products for every day cat parents). I came across the a few weeks ago and was so excited that someone has created a wet food feeder! While it doesn’t open the tin cans, it does open the ones that are foil sealed (see video to see what I mean) – and see the image of the sort of wet foods it opens below.

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Of course the limitation with the automatic feeders is that you can’t store meat or wet food in there. As a vet I am a big advocate of raw meat and high protein foods for cats. Most dry food is incredibly calorie dense and has a much higher carbohydrate composition than is ideal for cats. When selecting a dry food, find one that has as much meat protein as possible, definitely not corn, soy or other grains first on the list of ingredients. The Petnet(io) SmartFeeder technology can also help with food selection. It is connected to a database of thousands of pet foods and can help you choose foods that are higher in meat protein and without fillers and artificial ingredients.PawBot is world's only fully automatic wet food dispenser which can open and serve wet food cans to your pet. With an 18 can capacity, you can load up PawBot and let it run for many days. Whether you are at home or on the go, PawBot automatic dog & cat wet food feeder will be your helper robot, making your life easier.