Weruva - People Food for Pets - Cat Cuisine - Paw Lickin' Chicken

Weruva manufacturers its cat food in a human food facility using the same raw materials and production processes as used in products for people. Weruva's formulas are hand-packed and not blended into traditional pâté, thereby allowing consumers to see all the ingredients Weruva puts into the can. Weruva only uses high quality protein cuts that are flaked off the bone, such as antibiotic free, hormone free, free range chicken breast, making their products highly appealing to both pets and pet parents.

I recommend all the Weruva lines, it really just depends on what your cat prefers, Melissa.

Thanks Ingrid. Appreciate your insights! If you have any interaction with the Weruva folks, you might suggest this to them, too. It’s a shame for them to start a new line of cat foods with all those veggies included. You and others are educating people about what our cats really need. It’s too bad that even good companies like Weruva are formulating their cat foods to appeal to what people “think” cats need, instead of what’s really good for them! Again, thanks for the comment!

Weruva - People Food for Pets - Cat Cuisine - Chicken and Beef

great cat food weruva! Try Tiki Cat Puka Puka Chicken. It’s just shredded chicken, water-based sauce, and of course needed supplementary vitamins and minerals. Weruva is similar, but I’m suspicious of the rather creamy liquid the chicken comes in.

Weruva - People Food for Pets - Cat Cuisine - Chicken Soup

I have been feeding my cat Weruva for a year now.
My initial plan was to only feed him Chicken Frick’a Zee and Fowl Bowl,
both flavours that contain no fish at all, only chicken or turkey.
But as it turned out my cat flatly refuses to eat these 2 flavors on its own unless I mix it with other flavors that still have some tuna in the ingredients.
What a pain!!!!

TRULUXE. Grain Free. 5 Classic Weruva Flavors. On The Cat Wok.

When Weruva decided to manufacture cat food, it was so we could create the highest standard possible for our three rescued kitties – Webster, Rudi, and Vanessa – the namesakes for the WeRuVa family of brands. Fueled by the same passion, we sought to create the best cat litter for our cats – Hinoki Wood (in the cypress family) and Green Tea based. Our cat, Kirby, is 17.5 years old and still going strong. Up until about 4 months ago she has eaten a consistent diet of high-quality canned and dry food. About 6 months ago the canned food she liked was discontinued so we went in search of a replacement. The nice people at Mud Bay in Redmond Washington directed us to their shelf of Weruva products; products we were unaware of. We were told this is “human grade” food for your cat. That’s exactly what we’re looking for!Eating high quality meat based diets, such as Weruva, which is in the 80% moisture range, best puts cats in the hydration position that nature intended. In contrast, a cat on dry kibble, which is only about 10% water max, will bite per bite, be getting 8-10 times less water than a cat on a wet food or natural diet. A dry diet therefore forces a cat to drink a lot of water to compensate, an unnatural behavior for cats, and this can and does pose challenges for many cats.It is okay to feed the dog food to cats and vice versa, but it should not be for every meal (intermittent feeding only). Our cat foods were formulated for cats and the dog food for dogs, but we often interchange foods with our dog and cats frequently. Dogs and cats are part of the carnivora family which means they are meat eaters at heart. We geared all of our formulas with this in mind. There are differences between the dog food and cat food. For instance, we add taurine (an essential amino acid for cats) to the cat food but not the dog food. A dog’s body produces taurine from the food it eats whereas as a cat cannot do it as efficiently. There is naturally occurring taurine in the meat, so there will be natural taurine in all formulas.