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Pulling the suspected BFF canned foods off the shelf by the store makes cautionary sense — however, no one should jump to any conclusions about an entire brand or even product line being the cause of illness. Until tests are done on some of that food from this isolated facility to determine whether it might have become contaminated, there is no evidence to prove cause and effect. I want to stand up for the Weruva company as being the highest example of excellence I have encountered in 12 years in the pet field. This company is one we should view as an ally for our pets, not an enemy. This is a company to think the best of, not assume anything bad about. The owner, David Forman, is devoted to the welfare of dogs and cats and highly educated and serious about food production and ingredients. I have watched his company from inside and outside for over a decade and I can give you my objective opinion as a member of the pet media that the entire Weruva family holds themselves to the highest personal and professional standards and ethics. This is not a company to “throw under the bus.” This is a company which all pet lovers need to be grateful for in a world where most pet food is made by gigantic companies with little oversight or involvement in ingredients, manufacturing, etc. They are determined to the bottom of this and solve whatever the problem may be.

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Thank you for making such a wonderful cat food! Seems my girls prefer BFF to Weruva but either is fine with me. Yes, one of my girls was on dry food until she developed struvite crystals and needed surgery to remove them. Prior to BFF she refused to eat canned food. Must say, I don't know what's in this food (crack maybe, LOL) cause both can't seem to get enough!

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Weruva BFF Tuna and Chicken 4EVA Canned Cat Food The Weruva Company is recalling the B.F.F. tinned cat foods in the Australian market after hundreds of reports of cats becoming ill after eating the food were made on the company’s page and on internet forums. They made the following announcement on Sunday night:

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On May 5, Weruva issued a statement that they removed select Best Feline Friend (BFF) canned foods, exclusive to the Australian market, from shelves after concerns that the formulas may have been making cats sick. Those of you who have read this blog for any length of time know that Weruva is on my , and I feed this brand to Allegra and Ruby. I’m always concerned when I hear of a cat food recall, but of course, I’m even more concerned when it happens to a brand I know well, recommend and feed to my own cats.

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