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I have been feeding my two cats Wellness Indoor formula for about two years. A few months ago I noticed that they seemed ravenously hungry even though the amount of food given was not changed, and they began to lose weight. Never beggars for food, they were trying to eat our foods. They both had less energy, most recently both started vomiting clear liquid. We brought one to the vet (who appeared sicker), bloodwork showed possible early renal failure, and we are to take him in again. We stopped feeding them Wellness and both of them looked better within days, and in about 3 weeks are playing and happy, no vomiting. I am very interested to see what the test results will be. One cat I might not be suspicious, but two?
I was really surprised to see that Wellness sourced some of their ingredients from Diamond Pet foods which has been involved in a few recalls. I also had fed Wellness to our lab, we were rotating foods and when we re-introduced it he slowly started to develop loose stools, a problem he had not previously had with it.
I think I’m done with this company at this point.

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Wellness exams are one of the best ways to monitor your cat's health and to catch common problems before it becomes too late. We have 9 indoor cats who are our babies since we chose not to have people babies. We buy our food by the case 4 cases at a time. My cats have been sick and some would just not eat the canned food from Wellness chicken the recalled 12.5 cans. I was not notified but just had this feeling to look up recalled moist food and low and behold I had already fed one case of the recalled food and 1 1/2 cans of the 2nd case. My cats have been throwing up daily with one cat throwing up mucus with blood in it!!!! Tried to take her to the vet but she scratched the daylight out of my husband and ran and hid. Then later ate her contaminated food since I still did not know. I have been at my wits end trying to figure out what is wrong!!!!!!!!! Also upset with the company that they would not notify the specific people who has purchased those contaminated foods!!! After reading the other stories I am seriously thinking of changing foods! I feel that if the company really cared about there consumers and there animal families they would have gone out of there way to let us know about the food recall! All I can say is reckless and dishonest and has probably hurt the company more than helped them by not making this error made know. I want to say I am so sorry to hear about the kitty who died and the others who are sick like mine! I will be praying for all of our furry family for complete recovery without any residual health issues!!!

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I feed my 3 cats Wellness dry but switched to canned/ raw after one of them had urinary blockage. Out of my 3 cats, Huyi, a former stray who had lived on dry most of her life, refused to eat anything that is good quality canned food. She refused the Wellness regular core can even when I mixed it with lower quality food that smells nicer and fishier.

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