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This comes in both heated and unheated options. It does have two large openings on each side. This is to give your cat easy escape in case a predator also wanders in. It’s made with nylon and covered with vinyl to make it waterproof and it’s easy to wipe down and clean. The heated pad has a washable fleece cover. The floor space measures 14 inches by 18 inches. This is the best cheap choice for cats who like to sleep alone and outside.Watch How to Assemble and Care for the K&H Outdoor Kitty House

Outdoor Kitty Cat House Heated Waterproof 2 Exits Shelter Protection Security

No one likes to be left out in the rain and a waterproof outdoor cat house is the perfect solution for inside/outside cats as well as feral cats against the elements.

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Heated Outdoor Kitty House Cat Bed Pet Waterproof Condo Tree Toy Furniture post THIS ITEM WILL ARRIVE IN 8-15 DAYS AND ONLY SHIPS TO THE CONTINUOUS UNITED STATES. This Heated Outdoor Cat House Shelter Waterproof Weather Resistant is the perfect shelter for any outdoor cat. The wa

Heated Outdoor Cat House Shelter Waterproof Weather ..

There are MANY items that can be used for feral cat houses, love all of the ideas so far – here are two more: visit your local thrift stores, and look for old luggage (waterproof) and even old wooden cabinets – anything that is large enough for a cat to sleep in, and to insulate. The cabinets can be painted, the doors screwed shut, and the shelves inside make like a three-tier condo for the cats. Agree with using straw. There is foam board insulation, also, that can be glued to the inside of any cat houses for extra insulation. If you have snow, then raise the houses up on cinder blocks. You can put 2×2 wood posts through the blocks on all four sides of the house, to stabilize the house on top of the blocks….be creative, good luck, and keep helping our feral friends!

K&H Outdoor Cat House Waterproof Vinyl w/ Pitched Roof No Heated Pad