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Washable granules zoom catgenie 120 self cleaning litter box washable granules 3 pack purina tidy cats breeze litter pellets refill for multiple 56 oz

Washable Cat Litter Pellets

i never heard of the washable litter either until i was looking up alternatives - brought me to your instructable. i also found out that the "Cat Genie" uses a plastic, washable granule. i think the granules are like the pellets in some stuffed animals that have weighted feet (like in beanie babies?) anyway, a 3.5 lb. box of the washable litter is something like $23, which is ok, but if it's plastic and i can find it in a craft store or hardware store for $5, all the better, but if i can recycle something i am going to have on hand anyway, i think that would be incredible.

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Cat Litter Box Pellets Genie Automatic Flushing Washing Box Washable Granules | Pet Supplies, Cat Supplies, Litter Boxes | eBay! Hello Starr! the pellets of the Tidy Cats are not biodegradable since they are made from Zeolite, a family of naturally occurring, non-toxic minerals. If a cat eats those pellet it won’t hurt it, but you need to make sure give your pet lots of water after the ingestion. If pets keep eating pellets they need to have the Tidy System switched to another litter box. Some customers wash the pellets. A tip is putting them in a washable bag to go in the washing machine and the dryer.

Use BBs instead of pellets, washable!

Eco Friendly washable litter! I just wish I would’ve found this system sooner I bought the I robot cat litter box for $300 and it was good however this is much better for my situation now one of the best things is on Eco friendlyand I wash the pellets every month I have two sets I use a linen drawstring bag put the dirty pellets and it ,cleaned it for about 10-15 minutes ,then hanging on the line to dry and I have new pellets for the next month,my cat took to it the very moment I took her cat litter box away she has no problem with it and it’s super easy to clean pads last me a week to 10 days for one

What if my cat has to use the CatGenie while it is washing