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As a general rule you should discard any liquid medication 2 weeks after it was mixed and discard any pills or capsules 6 months after they were dispensed. This is the rationale behind recommending that you clean out your medicine cabinet twice a year and discard any expired products. Never give unused products to a friend or donate them to an animal rescue organization – prescription drugs can cause serious problems when used inappropriately. And NEVER flush expired medication down a drain or throw it into the garbage; instead contact your veterinarian or pharmacist for advice on safe disposal in an environmentally friendly manner.

Here are 10 questions you should ask your vet when medication is prescribed.

If you are unsure of why your dog is acting in a certain way, talk to your veterinarian or a veterinarian who specializes in behavior problems. He or she can make a diagnosis and if needed, recommend behavioral modification protocols and prescribe appropriate medications.

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in our veterinary clinic. This is not a complete list--we often use other medications Hi Shelley,You should talk to your vet about which flea and tick control is right for your dog. Some flea and tick medications can affect breeding dogs.Thanks for reading!

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Compounding is the art and science of preparing personalized medications. Compounded products are prepared based on a practitioner's prescription in which individual ingredients are mixed together in the exact strength and dosage form as required by the patient. Veterinary compounded products are prescribed to provide pets or horses medication that is not commercially available and/or not available in a dose form needed to appropriately treat patient clinical needs.

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A Texas death row inmate is for the more traditional sodium thiopental as the initial, anesthetizing drug in his three-drug execution cocktail. The state's supply of sodium thiopental expired in March, and there is a of the chemical agent. Pentobarbital, the proposed replacement, is commonly used in animal euthanasia. Do doctors and veterinarians use a lot of the same medications?That said, while neither the government, the pharmaceuticals industry, nor the Explainer himself recommends taking veterinary medications, the truth is that, in some instances, if you get the dose right you'll be fine, since a good many animal pills contain exactly the same ingredients as their human analogues (just in different proportions). Reckless readers may be interested to know that many contain a refrigerator case stocked with antibiotics and vaccines approved for use in livestock. These medicines, along with , are available without a prescription, much to the chagrin of doctors, veterinarians, and public health advocates.