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Hello all! Azul91, I want to support the recommendation provided by Ann154. You can indeed check internally for employee discount verification. You can also use Verizon Wireless' . You need only provide your employee email address (assuming your employer provides one to you) to check eligibility. If you are not given an email address, you can click the blue link that reads "

questions can be answered with our Discounts and Employment Validation FAQs.

Verizon Wireless offers all employees at the University of New Hampshire a 15% monthly access discount off of select price plans billed at $35 per month or greater. Phone/device discounts vary on a regular basis, based on current promotions being offered. A 25% discount is available off of most individual accessories as well. Employees can register for their discount by visiting , which will generate an email that provides the path for completing this process, or to shop for equipment/service. A dedicated Verizon Wireless government rep has been assigned to UNH. His name is Marc Stewart and he can be reached at or . Equipment ordered online or through Marc will be shipped to you via FEDEX (two day shipping) at no charge. Employees can also conduct business and obtain their appropriate discounts at any corporate Verizon Wireless store. The closest retail store to the Durham campus is located at 71 Calef Highway, Lee, NH. When visiting a retail store, please bring either a work photo ID or recent pay stub for employment verification (financial details should be blacked out).

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This page explains who is eligible for a Verizon Wireless discount, including: .. Beginning April 1, 2013, Verizon Wireless will be contacting personal account customers who receive corporate discounts as a result of the relationships their employers have with Verizon to verify that they still qualify for the discounts. At that time, customers will be able to verify their eligibility online. The verification page is NOT available yet. Customers will have 60 days to complete the verification. Be sure to renew or reapplication will be necessary.

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