that Tonto LOVES your Ziwi Peak Daily Cat Cuisine Venison wet food!

My cat threw this food up, and every nugget was perfectly intact. I don't think the poor kitty was able to chew them. They are hard as little rocks. The other thing that didn't impress me is that the first two ingredients are peas and pea protein. This is pretty pricey stuff. I don't mind spending the money for kitty's health, but shouldn't venison be the first ingredient? Not impressed and sorry I wasted my money on this. On the plus side, kitty loves the taste.


I have a cat that I rescued from my backyard who is allergic to just about everything and was scratching & chewing, losing big clumps of fur with raw spots on her skin. After extensive testing and other food trials, she now eats only Hill's venison/pea kibble like it's going off the shelves! And, with half a prednisolone tablet every other day, she's fine and has a lovely glossy coat. I didn't even have to merge it into her former cat food - I put down a small bowl and she ate it - looked for more. Because she can't have other snacks, I carry a small bottle of kibble in my pocket so that i have a good "treat" with which to reward her. She actually comes running if I shake the bottle or if she sees my hand going into my pocket. You have a good product!

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ROYAL CANIN VETERINARY DIET FELINE GREEN PEAS & VENISON FORMULA CANNED CAT FOOD – Veterinarians and nutritionists recommend novel protein diets for dogs and cats with skin or digestive issues related to common protein sources. KOHA Pet Food includes the highest quality novel proteins like our best selling kangaroo, guineafowl and venison.

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– Most importantly, cats and dogs love our food so every meal is a culinary delight. Try our delicious Kangaroo Stew, Limited Ingredient Venison with Fresh Blueberries, and our tasty new ROO Lamb & Kangaroo Pates for cats.

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Take out your food processor. You can grind this to the texture your kitty likes. It also can be just chopped and mixed. I put mine in the processor (potatoes and meat mixture) and mixed both until it formed the pâté look (just like canned cat food) but I was making a big batch. (See section where I list the amounts I put in for 8 pounds of venison.)Thankfully I was introduced to Ziwi Peak products at Floppy Pets, a wonderful small pet store in Seabrook, TX, and was thrilled to discover that Tonto LOVES your Ziwi Peak Daily Cat Cuisine Venison wet food! Tonto has been eating his favorite Ziwi Peak Venison exclusively for almost 2 months now and his health has improved tremendously – he got a great report from the vet recently, his appetite is so much better and he has much more energy, to the point of jumping up onto the upper kitchen cabinets to explore which is amazing for a 13 year old kitty who had been feeling poorly just a few months ago!Tonto also has inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) which means he can only eat novel proteins (with venison being his favorite) so this really increased the food challenge. After only 2 weeks on insulin Tonto’s blood sugar stabilized and the vet stopped the medication, but we were having trouble getting our sweet orange boy to eat enough as he wasn’t thrilled with the myriad of low-carb canned food offerings I was able to find and this was a big concern.Whatever were we going to do? Ziwi Peak moist cat food was the answer to our prayers! It is almost two years since we switched to Ziwi Peak, and (knock on wood) we have stayed healthy and happy (and well fed). In addition to keeping our chronic pancreatitis under control, our coats are shiny, and Toby€™s horrible dandruff is only a memory. We like the lamb, but we really, really love the venison. If soaked in warm water, we also enjoy the dried venison.