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I never thought of cardboard as a cat scratching post material until I purchased an elaborate cat tree that used it in one of its elements. Three of my cats ignored it, but the fourth absolutely loves it and has ripped several cardboard scratchers to shreds. Unlike carpeting, which usually requires you to replace the whole post when it gets destroyed, you can simply buy a refill for most cardboard scratchers. This replacement ability is useful since cardboard doesn't last as long as other

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Just as people have different needs and abilities, cats vary in what they want and what they are able to do at various times in their lives. While kittens are playful, for example, they also tend to be clumsy; therefore, that has high platforms may be dangerous for kittens or even older cats. In addition, older cats may need furniture that has ramps built in, making it feasible for a geriatric cat to enjoy the cat condo. If a cat is particularly portly, a cat condo with narrow spaces between levels may be difficult to navigate. Families with multiple cats should choose a large cat tree or condo that will accommodate more than one cat at once. In addition, look for used cat furniture that will allow cats to follow their natural instincts to scratch, sleep, and survey. Consider hanging toy mice off the perches to keep cats active and engaged.

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Used Cat Tree Design Sisal rope is used to cover some of their scratching posts and cat trees. Sisal is a natural fiber. It's harder than carpet and softer than wood. Most cats love to scratch a sisal post.

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Initially, a cat tree may seem to be an extravagant purchase but a good quality one will last many, many years. Additionally, a cat tree can serve more than one function for your cat as well. In addition to being a great place to perch, the support posts can be used as . Depending on your cat’s scratching preferences, you can order cat trees with bare wood, sisal covered, or even bark covered.

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Cat trees vary in height with cats preferring ones that are tall enough to allow them to see everything in their environment to smaller ones that cats use as beds, hideaways, and playhouses. Cat trees are usually constructed of wood and then covered with or a similar fabric that encourages and allows a cat to scratch. Cat trees are often used specifically to prevent scratching and lounging on other household items. Cat trees may contain other desirable items to encourage scratching such as rope, and cat toys.It is essential to consider the space available in one's home and what each cat needs, but it is also important to consider what is feasible for each pet owner in terms of the price of used , the assembly required for each piece, and the style of the cat condo or tree. Although pet owners want to do what is best for their cats, they should not allow their love for their cats to overshadow things like reason or hygiene.To some people, cats are stealthy, slinky creatures that are associated with dark magic, witches, and Halloween. To more than 33 percent of American households, however, cats are part of the family and are deserving of love and attention. Perhaps the 85 million cats owned as pets in United States account for the growing predominance of pet supply companies and their products. Cat lovers willingly devote money, their hearts, and often much of their homes to making sure their furry friends are comfortable and content. Cats, especially kittens and younger felines, need a certain level of activity and engagement to stay healthy and to stay out of trouble. For these reasons, cat owners should consider buying used cat furniture, such as a cat tree or cat condo, that will offer cats several perches from which to survey their domestic domain. When searching for cat furniture, pet owners should consider several factors to make sure they buy items that suit their own needs, as well as those of their beloved feline.
They pay a lot of attention to the details. All of their pieces are carefully inspected. They make sure all the joints are tight and that the carpet is securely attached from edge to edge.

All the furniture is assembled using drywall screws. No nails are used that could harm you or your cat. Plus, over time, nails can loosen and lead to a less sturdy cat tree, cat house, etc. The screws used help to ensure sturdier and longer-lasting furniture.