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A variety of flavors are available to tempt even the pickiest of cats. This is a minimally processed diet with added taurine and probiotics for gastrointestinal health. This is a complete food for all ages containing 98% poultry organs and bone according to the manufacturer.

Complete and balanced pet food for adult cats and helps maintain urinary track health

I have 3 cats that have always used Purina Indoor. To my amazement when I bought a new bag and put into their dishes, all 3 cats sniffed it and walked away. This is so unusual for my cats as feeding time is a big deal to them. I stupidly threw it away. I knew something was wrong with it. Even the smell was off. Beware to check your cat or dog food bags upon opening them.

Best diet for cats with Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease FLUTD

Find Urinary Tract Food For Cats. Search Faster, Better & Smarter at ZapMeta Now! Thank you for putting this info out there. I learned about the problems with prescription diets too late, after my boy cat Mischa became ill after eating a dry prescription diet for UTIs. It was only after Mischa died that I realized that – much like human doctors! – in general vets know little to nothing about nutrition. During the years Mischa was on the UTI prescription food, he suffered from gastrointestinal distress that several vets said was just “typical” of cats; I now believe he had feline triaditis. Whether or not the prescription food caused it, I will never know; I am certain, though, that it exacerbated it.

Feline Urinary SO canned cat food | Royal Canin Veterinary Diet

This is all very upsetting. I have 4 fabulous cats who are special diet food. Three of my boys have had crystals and are eating Royal Canin Urunary SO. They also get Natural Balance indoor kitty canned food daily. One of those four suffers from occasional constipation which I now treat with miralax. My other boy is overweight and now eats Purina OM weight management both canned and dry. he too has occasional constipation and now get daily miralax. This a all expensive and I really want to make certain the diets are healthy. I am very involved in the cat community working with my local shelter, a no kill rescue and an animal hospital. i also am a cat sitter for my employment. I want to have the best information for me, the people who adopt from the groups as well as my clients. Most of all I want my guys to have the best diet they can for long and healthy lives.
Thank you
Sally…. Jonesey, Marlin, Brodie and Finnegan

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