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Of course, it is important to remember that you may encounter cats with unique preferences. The best way to identify an individual cat’s set of toileting preferences is to offer a variety of litter choices and box styles and retain the litter and litter boxes that the cat preferentially uses. It is also wise to remind clients that no odor-controlling litter ingredients can substitute for daily litter box scooping and regular box washing.”

This is a unique piece of cat litter box furniture that receives an astonishingly high number of reviews right across the internet.

One of the leading complaints from cat owners is elimination outside of the litter box. Dr. Nicholas Dodman DVM, ACVB, of the Animal Behavior Clinic at Tufts University, reports up to 4% of cats in United States Households (3 million out of 75 million) urinate outside of the litter box weekly, with 1% urinating daily outside of the box. Up to 24% of all cats will have litter box aversion at some point in their life. Litter box aversion, or inappropriate elimination, can involve urination, defecation or both. It can be either a consistent or occasional problem. You may see the cat use the box for either stool or urine, but not both, and they may use the box, then “out of the blue,” not. The damage, smell, and distress of this behavior problem is serious. Many cats are surrendered, re-homed, or euthanized due to this problem. It is difficult to find data on rates of behavior problems in cats surrendered or re-homed since often people will not report this, or will under report this upon surrender. Some cats are turned outside due to this problem and may then be picked up as a stray.

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My unique cat litter box cabinet has been designed to be easy to assemble. My patented unique cat litter furniture cabinet has been designed to be easy to assemble. My Out of Sight Litter Box® cabinet is shipped KDF – knock down flat. Just follow the simple step-by-step photo assembly instructions that clearly show, and explain each step. My wife was the assembly ginny-pig, it took her just over an hour to assemble the cabinet, and that was without my help. All you will need is a Phillips screwdriver and a small hammer, and maybe your fist.

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More like a super futuristic robot straight out of Wall-E, the LRII Automatic Self Cleaning Litter Box is a uniquely designed cat litter box that doesn’t depend on a rake system to get rid of your feline wastes. Because of this particular design, the safety of the LRII is several notches higher than other systems because there are no wires that can get tangled, jammed, or break and which can clog the entire mechanism. The cleaning prowess of the LRII is closely tied to its rotating mechanism. Allow us to explain how the system works.

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