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According to me, every cat parent should have a cat carrier. Obviously, if you do not travel with your cat or if you won’t have to travel with cat in future either, there is no point in going for even the best of the best cat carrier units but apart from that, you need one! Why? Because those old steel made crates should never be used!

ooking for a unique cat carrier? Here are just two examples of what’s out there.

If you need extreme flexibility in your pet carrier, consider this unit. Designed as a backpack, rolling bag, and car seat, this carrier can do it all. While the odd shape may mean it won’t work on airlines, the flexibility of the different transportation modes makes it useful for other trips, including hiking or camping. This also has slightly more vertical space than other carriers so your pet can sit up during travel. It’s available in Black, Ocean Blue, and Sage. This is a good choice for a novel approach to cat carriers.

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If you want a unique-looking cat carrier that has great safety, comfort and carrying features,  might be for you. This is particularly true for grooming appointments. Cats recognize one another primarily through scent, and a grooming session temporarily alters the cat’s unique scent. When putting two cats who have just been groomed together in the same carrier, you can expect that the cats will not recognize one another, resulting in an epic feline meltdown they may not recover from.

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"This cat carrier is so cute and unique," . "With the bubble window, it makes me think of a tiny spaceship with a cat at the helm. There's a large mesh area near the bottom of each side that doesn't look like much, but from the inside the cat can get a good view of the world. And it's a backpack too! So cool!"

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This comfortable feline pet carrier comes with a zippered side and top entry for easy access. Three-sided mesh panels make it easy for you and your cat to keep an eye on things, while side pocket lets you carry those most important pet treats or other cat necessities. This unique cat carrier comes with a sturdy fleece bottom which is removable for easy cleanup and it wont take up any storage space since it stores flat.I remember a couple years ago seeing a website with the most unique cat carriers. One was a picnic basket style made of the same material. I’ve looked for that site since but cannot find it.Your indoor cat will never be an astronaut (let’s face it), but with the right accessories, your furry friend can feel like one. New York-based company U-Pet has created a special backpack that affords a feline the opportunity to experience the world at large. The well-ventilated tote has the functions of an average pet carrier, except it features a prominent bubble window—reminiscent of a cosmonaut’s helmet—that provides the cat a clear view of the passing scenery. U-Pet has created two…“All of our carriers are versatile,” Michael Leung, a product designer and an owner of , said. “They each have a crash-tested car seat function and the machine-washable, ultra-plush lining found in all of our carriers makes a perfect bed away from home, thus reducing the need to purchase and carry multiple items.”
Sleepypod’s unique round shape is one that cats love, and each carrier includes luxurious ultra-plush linings designed to alleviate travel stress. Battery-operated warmer kits for colder travel, and air mesh hammocks for warm-weather travel, can be easily added.