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Contech CatStop Ultrasonic Outdoor Cat Deterrent, Protect your garden, plants or sandbox without chemicals or fences. When cats come within range, the ...

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Eyenimal Ultrasonic Outdoor Cat Deterrent CatStop Keep Cats Out No Spray | Pet Supplies, Cat Supplies, Behavior Training | eBay! Catstop Ultrasonic is a motion activated deterrent that will protect your garden from ... to keep them out of landscaped areas, sandboxes and outdoor protected areas ... The CatStop® Ultrasonic Cat Deterrent emits a harmless burst of ultrasonic ...

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Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for CatStop Ultrasonic Cat Deterrent ... I bought this to potentially keep my outdoor cats (former strays) off of the ...

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In today’s world effective cat control is not limited chemicals, poisons and lethal traps. These days you can use eco-friendly and human deterrents – electronic solutions, motion-activated sprinklers etc. – while still demanding great results. From outdoor sprinklers to ultrasonic deterrents – there are many working ways to go!The Contech CatStop Ultrasonic Outdoor Cat Deterrent is quite a task specific unit, by that we mean it targets cats and nothing else. If you are having issues with other pests or dogs, you may wish to consider a more feature heavy device, for example a . However if your problem is specifically with cats, then the CatStop is a great device with virtually no set-up, is inexpensive, and risk free.