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When tested against adult C. felis, UltraGuard Pro for cats exhibited a kill rate of 98% after 2 days. This high performance was maintained through 28 days with 94% mortality of fleas recorded after weekly infestations.

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I put this Hartz ultraguard plus cat collar on both by 6 month old kittens. My boy kitten seemed okay but my girl kitten was going crazy itching her self and biting her self all over. I checked for fleas thinking she was getting bit up but she did not have any fleas on her (Dawn dish soap kills fleas instantly). I got the collars to prevent reoccurrence in case there were any fleas in my house. I looked up the reviews and realized how terrible this product was so took them off both cats right away. It has only been one day but she seems a little better but not by too much as of yet.

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off Any Hartz® UltraGuard Pro® Flea and Tick Drops for Dogs and Cats i just came back from the hardware store where Hartz UltraGuard for cat and kittens are sold. after reading TONS of reviews about this product, i wont be using this on my cats. We had a small flea problem due to a untreated animal living in the house. Now that they are gone theyve left there problem behind. Id rather spend the extra $ to keep them healthy and ALIVE. Stick with the vet or go out of town to get the treatment(cheaper)
At least you will have your family member well and happy

Hartz UltraGuard Pro Flea & Tick Treatment Drops for Cats & Kittens

I used this many times before. It's Hartz ultraguard pro flea meds for cats. Recently the box color has changed. I put it on both of my cats. One seems fine. The other, within 30 minutes, began moaning, scratching herself in pain, crying and salivating. Her breathing was deep and faster than normal. I quickly stuck her in the tub and washed it off of her fur.. She seems to be okay now, just tired. My other cat that didn't have a reaction is himself I did wipe some of the med off to be safe, that my sick kitten didn't lick his fur tonight. If you decide to use this brand please keep an eye on your babies after treatment..

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