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Nobody wants a litter box in the middle of the living room, but make sure theis convenient for your cat. If you live in a two-story home there should be a box on each floor. In a multicat home the boxes should be scattered so one cat doesn’t have to pass another cat’s area in order to eliminate. To prevent risk of ambush, don’t locate boxes in closets or closed-off areas. Give your cat maximum visual advantage so when he’s in the litter box he has adequate warning time in case an opponent approaches.

I needed a new litter box to replace the two litter boxes that our cats were using. The cats would track litter all over the place and one ...

Provide one regular size litter box for each of your cats and fill it with at least 10 pounds of scoopable litter. If you have multiple cats (four or more) you can utilize jumbo-sized litter boxes, at least one for every two cats in a household filled with 20 to 30 pounds of litter. Cleanliness and location are the most important issues. If the boxes are small, then have one more than the number of cats in the household.

It's more difficult to keep one box clean enough for multiple cats.

I think that is brilliant! I don’t have cats now but when I did, I had two and I hated litter boxes! 1. Two NVR Miss Litter Boxes with litter mats. (Not the Moonshuttle mats but I do have those on my wish list.) Lurve these litter boxes so much! I actually have three (a spare one is in our den closet) and I won two of them from one of the awesome Floppycats Giveaways! 🙂

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We also will have our again soon. So technically, I will have 6 litterboxes for two cats. My parents have always had problems with their cats peeing on furniture or beds. I never wanted to have that problem, so I have probably over done it. However, so far so good – knock wood. Their litterboxes are in the master bath and in the basement, as pictured below.

Is it possible to have 1 litterbox for 2 cats to be shared

You should always have one more litter box than you have cats. That is, one cat gets two litter boxes. Two cats get three. If you have a two-story home keep one litter box on each floor. How often you clean the litter box depends on your tolerance for the smell and your cat’s tolerance for the waste build up. With only one cat (and two litter boxes) you may be able to clean it only once or twice a week. The more cats you have, the more often you’ll want to grab a scoop. If the litter box is in a central location in your house, you will probably want to clean it more often than one that is in a less-traveled corner.