My vet prescribed Tresaderm Otic 1.5 ml for my cats ears

The choice for treating ear and skin conditions is clear - even when the underlying cause is not. Only Tresaderm® contains the unique combination of active ingredients that makes it the proven solution for dogs and cats:

Tresaderm is a topical medication used very frequently in cats for the treatment of ear infections

What is Tresaderm: Tresaderm is a dermatologic solution used in dogs and cats as an aid in the treatment of certain acute or chronic bacterial, fungal and inflammatory skin disorders as well as otitis externa. Tresaderm may also be used for purposes other than those listed.

Is there an over the counter alternative to tresaderm for cats

Tresaderm dermatologic solution | Tresaderm for dogs and cats - Allivet About Tresaderm
Tresaderm for Dogs and Cats is an antibiotic used for bacterial skin conditions and ear inflammation. It is also used for fungal and inflammatory skin disorders. Within a week infections are eradicated by correctly use of Tresaderm.

Make sure to keep Tresaderm refrigerated. Due to its need to be refrigerated additional shipping costs may apply.

Tresaderm requires a prescription from your veterinarian.

We are using Tresaderm for an ear problem with one of our cats.

Who's Tresaderm For?
Dogs and cats suffering from bacterial, fungal, or inflammatory skin disorders. It can also be used for bacterial ear infections.

We are using Tresaderm for an ear problem with one of our cats

Dermatologic Solution TRESADERM is indicated as an aid in the treatment of certain bacterial, mycotic, and inflammatory dermatoses and otitis externa in dogs and cats. Both acute and chronic forms of these skin disorders respond to treatment with TRESADERM. Many forms of dermatosis are caused by bacteria (chiefly , and ). Moreover, these organisms often act as opportunistic or concurrent pathogens that may complicate already established mycotic skin disorders, or otoacariasis caused by . The principal etiologic agents of dermatomycoses in dogs and cats are species of the genera and . The efficacy of neomycin as an antibacterial agent, with activity against both gram-negative and gram-positive pathogens, is well documented. Detailed studies in various laboratories have verified the significant activity thiabendazole displays against the important dermatophytes. Dexamethasone, a synthetic adrenocorticoid steroid, inhibits the reaction of connective tissue to injury and suppresses the classic inflammatory manifestations of skin disease. The formulation for TRESADERM combines these several activities in a complementary form for control of the discomfort and direct treatment of dermatitis and otitis externa produced by the above-mentioned infectious agents. Tresaderm is a prescription medicine FDA approved for veterinary use in dogs and cats. Tresaderm is available as a dermatologic solution in a 15ml dropper bottle for use in the ear(s) or to apply topically to the skin. Each ml of solution contains 40mg thiabendazole, 1mg dexamethasone, and neomycin sulfate equivalent to 3.2mg of neomycin. Prior to use the affected area should be cleaned. Application and use of Tresaderm should be limited to a period of not longer than one week. Do not use in the eyes.