Your kitty will absolutely love this "Z" shaped cat tree!

I don't necessarily want my cat at such high heights where he can jump on me. However, an Enterprise shaped cat tree would be quite appropriate, considering.

Great information and ideas about Cat Trees! The photos are very beautiful. Would love to have one soon. Nice lens! Thank you for sharing

Another possibility is to use an IKEA Stolmen storage system to build an elaborate but easy to make cat tree. Give the shelves the shape you want, paint them white, fix the carpet in place with tiny nails and make holes for the central post. Find a good place for the cat tree and let the cats enjoy it.{found on }.

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This rustic door stopper with cat shape is made from fallen olive tree branches When shopping for a cat tree, keep your cat’s size and personality in mind. If you have a large cat, don’t choose a tree with small, flat perches. The cat has to feel comfortable on the perch and not be worried about a leg hanging over the side. Choose a tree with perches that are an appropriate size for your cat. Large cats need large perches. As for the type of perches to look for, my recommendation is “U” shaped ones because they allow the cat to feel the perch against his back. Cats like to back up against things when resting because it helps them feel more secure and lest vulnerable to a rear ambush.

Brown/ White 64-inch Tall Cat Tree Tower Condo.

A cat tree is a great way to increase vertical territory because it provides the opportunity for more than one cat to share a close space while maintaining any sort of pecking order. Cats who wouldn’t share close quarters on a windowsill or table, may be at ease enough toa cat tree. The different levels of the perches allow cats to be close together but not right next to each other.

L-Shaped Window Cat Walk Shelf.

As the Go Pet Club Cat Tree – 72 in. is manufactured by the same people that made the previous number one tree, it is built from the same central compressed wood construction, super soft faux fur lining, and sisal rope scratching posts; but that is where the similarities end. This cat tree is truly massive compared to the first tree! It offers 5 different levels of platforms, each with their own shallow walls, allowing your cat to rest and sleep happily on each one no matter how high they go. The previous model’s platforms were smaller and round in shape, whereas this one provides larger squared and walled platforms; making a big difference when it comes to usability. The Go Pet Club Cat Tree – 72 in. also offers 10 different scratching areas. Yes, you heard right! 10 different areas for your cat to scratch on; located on every level of the tree! It also provides 2 separate cat condos at two different heights, each with a large opening perfect for even the largest of cats. The Go Pet Club Cat Tree – 72, like the other cat trees, is modular; meaning you can remove some of the towers and ramps to better suit your needs, or remove parts that the cat doesn’t use. Overall the base of the tree is just over 2 feet (28″W/ 24″L) in length, stands at 6 feet tall (72″), and weighs in at 36lbs.Take things literary with a cat tree that’s actually shaped like a tree. This is actually a bookshelf but cats seem to feel particularly attached to it because of its shape and structure. So why not let them have it all for themselves?