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Even if your cat develops a problematic infestation, the only real risk of contagion is in multi-cat households. Typically healthy house cats who develop milder forms of mange will find, with normal grooming and house cleaning, that mite infestations and symptoms are self-limiting. This means that once the immune system’s balance reasserts itself, the symptoms will go away on their own without need of special treatments, dips, or veterinary assistance.

Your vet may recommend one or more of the following treatments for sarcoptic mange in cats:

Most pet owners are all too aware of the costs incurred by a visit to a veterinarian.

It can often result in a bill higher than what we spend on our own medications and treatment when we fall sick.

Even after spending hundreds of dollars you may find the condition returns to your beloved pet.

Fortunately, you can learn how to treat mange, and other minor ailments through natural products that most of us have access to or are already in our homes.

Mange can be a very disturbing condition.

Apart from the obvious visual displeasure it can be extremely uncomfortable for your dog or cat.

They will be constantly scratching and itching and can easily exaggerate the seriousness of the mange.

A similar illness can affect humans.

When it affects us it is known as scabies, often the name itself conjures up horrific images in our mind.

Before trying out any treatment you should think about the comfort of your pet.

Do not use any products that you would not consider using on yourself.

Most animals are very sensitive to chemicals; therefore, natural solutions are more pleasant and often have a better result.

It must be stated that your pet will have to get use to being shampooed and taking a bath.

Tea Tree Oil is a great option; the antiseptic and antibacterial properties of this Asian shrub have been known about for centuries.

Choose a mild shampoo and add a few drops of tea tree oil into the lather.

Work this into your pet’s coat and then give it time to be effective. Wait at least ten minutes until rinsing the suds off.

It is important to repeat this procedure as many times as is practical, if possible do so on a daily basis.

If you do not have Tea tree Oil then there are other products you could use for the same result.

For example turmeric also has excellent healing properties. Another option would be Aloe Vera.

Both could be applied directly to the affected areas of skin.

Many pet owners suggest using petroleum jelly as a way to get rid of mange.

This works by suffocating the mites, it is a very effective solution.

It will also help to moisturize dry skin that may be causing an irritation.

Most dogs and cats prefer petroleum jelly to be used as opposed to a shampoo, as it is less traumatic.

Feline mange is a skin disease that cats get

Treatment of mange in cats requires a confirmed diagnosis,timely approach and use of drugs with extreme care. Radio is a very happy, healthy, and lovable addition to our family of 5 cats, 3 dogs, 1 rabbit, 2 birds and a large variety of water, desert and box turtles. These Cat Mange Treatment or Mange Sprays are truly a humane way of treating our pets and a absolute life saver for them and their owners.

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