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Occasionally, topical therapy is used alone for treatment of ringworm, but more commonly it is used in combination with oral medications. Various creams and ointments are available to apply to localized areas of skin affected by ringworm. If there are only one or two affected areas, shaving of the hair from these areas may be sufficient. If there is more generalized disease, or if your dog has long hair, your veterinarian may recommend clipping your dog's hair short to aid in treatment, along with bathing your dog with a medicated shampoo at least twice weekly. It is extremely important only to use preparations that have been specifically provided or recommended by your veterinarian for topical treatment of dogs. Topical treatment will usually be necessary for a period of several weeks to several months.

Following homeopathic ringworm treatment for cats can be safely given to the pet/s:

For severe cases, ringworm treatment for dogs and cats may require veterinarians to prescribe the drug Griseofulvin. Although as with any other medications, Griseofulvin has side effects therefore close monitoring is done. Griseofulvin may also cause birth defects therefore it is not recommended for pregnant pets. Aside from treating the current infection, decontaminating the environment is also necessary to prevent recurrence.

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Lotrimin cream cures most ringworm on humans. Consult a veterinarian for treatment of ringworm in cats. You have a young cat that started out with itchy ears. Certainly, ear mites would have to be high on the list of possible causes. You said that she was treated for that. I’m assuming that the treatment was definitive and that she was re-evaluated afterward and that no mites were detected. You then said that she developed hard thick crusts on the rest of her body – her face, nose, toes and back, and that these glowed under a black light. Veterinarians use a black light (called a Wood’s lamp) to identify the best hairs to sample for performing a fungal culture for ringworm. You don’t mention if your veterinarian did an actual fungal culture and whether or not it was positive. Crusts and flakes on the skin can sometimes appear to be glowing under a black light, when in fact they are not glowing with the characteristic “apple green” color that suggests ringworm. Glowing hairs should not be assumed to be ringworm. Glowing hairs should be plucked and cultured for ringworm.

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This medication is highly effective in the treatment of ringworm but is available in capsules far too large to be useful to most small animals. This means that a special company called a must custom make the medication into a more useful size. Nausea is a potential side effect for this medication but probably the main reason it is passed by in favor of griseofulvin is expense. On the average, cats treated with itraconazole and nothing else were able to achieve cure two weeks sooner than cats treated with Griseofulvin.

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