The giant cat litter tray is 20.5" x 17"

The answer partly depends on how old the kitten is. If it's been living outside for awhile, it might find dirt to be more familiar than shredded paper. Another option is to buy a disposable cat litter tray. They're inexpensive (e.g. $4) and I think you can find it at most large grocery stores and drugstores in addition to pet stores. Most outdoor cats seem to understand what cat litter is for and adapt quickly. Good luck!

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very useful, like all Pet travel store product I got, the only thing is that my cat does not eat much during flight and I take him in-cabin, which doesn't leave him any room for anything, but i guess for those who travel cargo in a pet crate these would be ideal, especially for an adult cat. In turn, they are so useful when we reach at the place where we'd spend about a 3 wks or a month, as we could then fold them and carry them back to US. These, together with travel cat litter tray are ideal, therefore we would still give them 5 stars!

Katpak is the easy and hygienic, disposable cat litter tray

Portable cat litter tray for pet travel, this item folds up to the size of a change purse
For a mechanized self-cleaning litter box that won’t break the bank, you might consider the Scoop Free model. Designed by cat lovers at MIT, the Scoop Free litter box works essentially like other similar models in that it senses when the cat leaves the box and then automatically rakes through to collect the waste several minutes later. One major difference with the Scoop Free litter box is the tray is disposable, so rather than refilling an existing tray over and over you simply remove the old one and replace it with a fresh one (the manufacturers say you can do this once a month or so, depending on how many cats you have). They also recommend using special blue crystals for litter to help eliminate odors.

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The Omega Paw Self-Cleaning Litter Box cleans in just seconds without scooping – but this time you’re doing the rolling, rather than the litter box being mechanical in any way. Inside the litter box a grating separates the tray where the cat goes from the area where waste collects when you tilt the box. It’s not mechanized, so it’s a less expensive option, but it also doesn’t remove waste soon after your cat uses the litter box – so it may not help with odor issues any more than a normal box.

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• Tray: The cat litter tray is big and deep, so that larger cats have plenty of room. The lid can be removed from the tray for easy cleaning.
• Lid: A …Whenever you travel with a pet, it usually ends up resembling taking a whole other family member with you. You have to pack extra food, bedding, a crate possibly, toys—it really is just like taking another child along! Traveling can be stressful enough in and of itself, and you want to minimize your stress as much as possible. There are a couple of ways to ensure that, and one of them is to pack a little litter tray when traveling with your cat—that way you won't be caught unawares when your cat really needs it!