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Other Critical Gear. If you’re going for more than a short trip, you’ll need food and water dishes and spill-proof containers for both. Litter boxes can be handled by disposables, as long as you use your cat’s regular litter. A basic pet first-aid kit is recommended as well, and travel will be easier if you have a book of pet-friendly hotels or a tablet or smartphone app with these listings. Make sure you take any medication your pet is on, along with what you need to give the pills, such as a pill gun or pill pockets.

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While it is very convenient to line up all the litter boxes in a row along a wall, this is not always the best way to provide a few extra litter boxes. A long line of litter boxes right next to each other can seem like one big litter box to your cats. If one of your cats is territorial and wants to claim them all as her own, this can cause problems for your other cats. (Read to see what “territory marking” can look like.)

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Covered cat litter boxes can help reduce odor & litter tracking, while providing additional privacy for your cat. Browse Petco's selection to learn more. You can run across some super-cute folding, collapsible travel litter boxes out there, but we found that disposable litter boxes make the most sense for people traveling with cats. You can reuse one several times before tossing it, so these already inexpensive litter boxes are even more economical.

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You wouldn't want to bathe in a dirty bathtub,and your cat doesn't want to go potty in a dirty litter box. It's very important to ensure that your feline's litter box remains fresh and tidy. The daily visitor should be in charge of scooping the litter box daily and replenishing the litter as needed. Keep additional litter, waste bags and scoopers handy to make this an easy and quick process while you're away. If you're off on a quick weekend getaway and haven't arranged for a friend to stop by, prepare two litter boxes so your kitty has extra room to do his business.

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Cats need a litter box when they accompany you on a road trip or a long distance travel journey. They should not be made to hold urine for a long time. It could result in bladder infections. Fortunately, portable litter boxes are available in the market. A perfect solution for cat’s reliving problem especially during travel purposes.we've just bought our first RV and would like to take our cats a Male 8 years and a female 4 years..we are planning just to take them to the local park where we've decided to make our home base for this summer..we've been on one weekend trip without them. He has had FLUTD in the past but has been fine the last several years. We want to go away next year for a month and are hoping to get them use to the RV this year, First to spend a weekend at the RV without going any where then for a short weekend trip or two. We have had them both chipped and up to date on vaccines. We plan to have a harness on them but not allow them out unless they are in the pup tent we bought them that can fit a very big dog or three so they can get fresh air. any other suggestions? we plan on two litter boxes and to keep them contained while on the road driving, a friend who travels with them cat said its safer as you don't want them under the brake or gas pedals. they used a very large dog crate for this so they can still see everything and we can see them..