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Furry little tribble toys that are infused with catnip to drive cats crazy. Your cat will love chasing them around, batting them and carrying them in their mouths!

Toys that cats love

Like a 3-year-old child, your cat can become bored with his toys. To keep them "fresh," rotate your cat's toys weekly, making only a few available at a time. Keep a variety of types easily accessible. If your cat has a favorite, like a soft "baby" that she loves to cuddle, you might want to leave that one out all the time.

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“It kind of detracts from the headline that cats love people more than they love food or toys,” he said. “What they really like is hunting.” “My two cats have lots of toys,” Beng Beng Chan in Petaling Jaya says, “The one they truly love is Da Bird. When that comes out, even Slush – who’s 20 now – will come out and play.

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Cats love to run, jump and pounce on anything that moves or catches their attention. You can make a toy from a flashlight beam or laser pointer by waving the light across the floor and onto furniture -- just be careful not to point the beam in your kitty’s eyes. You can also buy windup or electronic toys that will skitter about the floor and send your cat scurrying into attack mode. Things that bounce are also popular toys, like ping-pong balls, which are inexpensive and can be batted across the floor and off the walls over and over again.

As most of us know, cats are natural hunters

Furry mice are quite plentiful in pet stores. They are a good buy compared to other cat toys which are usually more expensive. Sometimes you can get a whole pack of 10 or 12 mice for the same price as you could if you bought just one of the other toys. There are dozens of different colors and varieties of mice. Some even make a noise when the cat bats it around. I have found that the preferred furry mouse with my own cats is one that is made of real rabbit fur. For me, it is not too difficult to distinguish between real fur and synthetic because of its softness. I don't judge it by the color because even real fur can be dyed any shade, but I feel it with my fingers. Of two of my cats, one shows no interest in playing with furry mice while the other loves his rabbit fur mouse and likes to strut around with it in his mouth, as if showing off to say, "Look what I caught!"There are other ways you can help your cat get more active. Playing is great exercise but you cal also and take her for a walk. Some cat owners even get special, small treadmills their pets can use inside. And remember that cats often like the simplest of interactive toys such as a cardboard box or a large paper bag with the handles cut off (safest when played with under your supervision). A bird feeder outside can also be great stimulation for cats who love gazing out the window.When it comes to finding the best toys for our cats, we often find out that cats may love a toy one day, ignore it the next, and then destroy it shortly after that. Many pet owners even stop buying them because it feels like flushing money down the toilet, especially when a ball of yarn does a better job.This group of cat toys is exactly as it sounds. Stuffed animals like mice, birds, and more that cats love to play with our found here. Many times stuffed toys are covered in catnip to attract your furry friend straight to the item.