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The hill can be climbed by many routes, perhaps most commonly from the valley by , perhaps combined with a walk along the ridge north from Shining Tor over Cats Tor. It can also be gained with less climbing from the .

Bridget McGovern has a thing for books, and cats, and especially bookstore cats.

Small Cat paused and looked down. The ground had stopped moving. As the dust settled, she saw most of the house and garden. The courtyard was piled with beams and branches, but there was still an open space to gather and tell stories, and new places to hunt or play hide-and-seek. It was still home.

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I’m really not a “cat” person. I’m more of the “I’m a procrastinator and proud of it”. The stories were told in the correct way: The Cat Inside The Lute, The Cat Born With One Eye, The Cat Who Bargained With A Flea. But these strangers didn’t know the right cats: The Cat From The North, or The Cat Who Chased Foxes or any of the others. Small Cat jumped down, wanting to share.

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Small Cat felt as if she’d been kicked. Her fudoki would never belong here. These strangers had many stories, for different aunts and ancestors, and for a different place. If she stayed, she would no longer be a garden cat, but a cat in the tavern yard’s stories, The Cat After The Fire or The Burnt-Paw Cat. If she had kittens, they would learn about the aunts and ancestors of the tavern-yard cats. There would be no room for her own.

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Our Hi-Tor Veterinary Select brand features scientifically formulated productsthat are designed for dogs with special dietary needs. Hi-Tor Veterinary Select is available in dry food and canned food for both dogs and cats and sold through retail pet stores. If your veterinarian recommends a special diet for your pet, consider our Hi-Tor Veterinary Select options as possibly a more convenient long term solution for both you and your pet.The ancestors and the aunts were all clever and strong and resourceful. More than anything, the little cat wanted to earn the right for her story and name to be remembered alongside theirs. And when she had kittens, she would be part of the fudoki that they would pass on to their own kittens.