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We researched cheap canned (a.k.a., wet) cat food and cheap dry (a.k.a. kibble) cat food to find the best of each for the average cat. In the canned cat food column we put Trader Joe's Premium (starting at 69 cents/5.5-ounce can) in first place for its quality ingredients, followed by Friskies Meaty Bits (starting at $11/24-pack 5.5-ounce cans) for the their bargain price and popularity with consumers (that would the cats). In the dry cat food column, Purina One Smartblend Adult Variety (starting at $27/16 pounds) earns top billing for relatively high protein content and low price while Taste of the Wild Feline Formula (starting at $28.50/15 pounds) comes in second for its perceived health benefits and feeding efficiency (owners say a little goes a long way). Two cheap cat foods that just don't rank are Special Kitty Premium (starting at $10.18/24-pack 5.5-ounce cans), Walmart's in-house brand, and Friskies Dry (starting at $13.50/16 pounds), both of which sink on the ingredients test.

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Feeding your cat or kitten right doesn’t have to break the bank with discount cat food from Dollar General. No matter whether your pet prefers canned cat food, dry cat food or a combination of the two, we have economical options for whatever combination he prefers. And with top name brands from Friskies, Fancy Feast, Purina and more, buying discount cat food from Dollar General means that you won’t have to sacrifice quality. Keep your cat well fed and happy with cat food at discount prices from Dollar General.

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TOP 9 BEST DRY CAT FOOD BRANDS So, what is the best cat food brand? Coming in at the top of our feline
food ratings is . This American-based, independently-owned dog and cat food company offers the best of what pet nutrition has to offer, including dry food and wet food.

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Overall, you'll have to test out some brands to see what the best dry cat food for your furry friend is. Just remember to focus on getting high quality protein sources without carbs, and you should be on top of the game. Here's 5 brands you should look for:

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Cats are carnivores so the main ingredients should be meats, not grains and carbohydrates. Read the ingredient list closely and look for meat in the top five ingredients. Avoid grains, chemicals, and weird byproducts wherever possible. Always make sure the food contains taurine (also known as 2-aminoethanesulfonic acid)--a very important amino acid for cats as it aids in digestion and is important for proper heart, brain, sight, and nervous system function. Cats cannot produce enough taurine on their own which is why a diet of only homecooked food isn’t nutritious enough for cats. Most dry and wet foods contain taurine, but always check to be sure.Best Dry Food For Cats, best healthy dry cat food, top 10 cat food brands, top 10 healthiest cat foods, healthiest dry cat food for indoor cats, top cat foods recommended by vets, top 10 canned cat foods, dry cat food comparison chart, best dry cat foods ranked, best dry cat food, grain free wet cat food, honest kitchen dog food, grain free cat food walmart, what is the best cat food, honest kitchen, cat foods, what is the healthiest cat food, blue wilderness cat food, cat food brands to avoid, dry cat food brands, worst dry cat food, healthiest cat food brands, top ten dry cat foods, top healthiest canned cat food, healthiest dry cat food, worst cat foods to avoid, list of cat food brands, top 10 kitten food, brands of cat food, all natural cat food, compare cat food brands, cat food, no grain cat food, cat food at walmart, low carb dry cat food, organic cat food brands, cat food comparison guide for all brands, blue buffalo cat food, best cat food for indoor cats, cat food ratings consumer reports, best wet cat food, grain free cat food reviews, Best Dry Food For Cats, best cat foods ranked, blue wilderness recall 2016, 2017, is blue buffalo good for cats, healthy blue pet food, dog food test results, popular cat food brands, healthy cat food brands, grain free cat food brands, diet cat food, what is the best dry cat food, healthy dry cat food, cat diets, blue buffalo cat litter, cat food ratings, healthy blue pets, blue buffalo coupons printable 2016, 2017, blue buffalo dog food recall 2016, 2017, bluebuffalo sample true blue results php, good brands of cat food, top healthy cat food brands, bad cat food brands, bad cat food list, 2016, cat foods bad to good, cat food guide, good kitten food brands, country value cat food review, Best cat food brands, best food for cats, best natural cat food, healthiest dry cat food, best dry kitten food, dry food for cats, dry cat food and best cat food.