top selling cat furniture & scratchers in ashburn.

This economical model is a good choice for cat owners who aren't able to purchase a top-of-the line cat furniture tree. Also, not every Maine Coon is unusually large! This tree is considered by it's owners to be a fine choice for an average sized cat.

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Shelly lives with her husband, her five-year-old son and their three cats, Pantera, Bugatti, and Enzo. The family lives in a cozy house, filled with antiques and lush carpets. Everyone, including the cats, loves the furniture. The three felines frequently focus their attentions on an antique chair and two ornate sofas. In addition, Pantera exercises her claws on Shelly’s favorite oriental rug. Shelly tried everything she could think of to stop the destruction, but with no success. She hung a scratcher from a door, placed a scratching post in one of the rooms, and yelled at the cats. The only change Shelly noticed was that they scratched with more vigor after she yelled at them.

top selling cat furniture & scratchers in ashburn

Read The Cat Tree Reviews As Well As Support Your Kitty To Stop Itching Your Household Furniture This item serves double duty. Cleverly-disguised to look just like any other piece of cat furniture, it actually hides the box inside. can also enjoy the comfortable platform perch on top.

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Cats are pretty nimble, but your cat climbing up the inside of a stack of cardboard boxes is almost guaranteed to topple it. So, find some way of weighing down the base box, just enough so that your cat can't overbalance your piece of unique cat furniture, or firmly attach the tower to a wide base board.

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Sizes for everyone! Our cat furniture is the most sought after by felines of taste and distinction. Many cat trees offer different heights, tops, tray sizes and sisal options. Designed for cats of all abilities and ages.This sturdy, handmade cat furniture tree is made with solid pine poles in its construction and heavy duty screws and bolts. Definitely top-of-the-line.You absolutely can't go wrong with Molly and Friends! This top-notch cat furniture tree is the best of the best. Purchasers are always pleased with their new addition. This is the second most-popular tree among our Maine Coon Cat visitors.Deluxe scratching post furniture with a bed atop three 80” poles with an alley below that, then a 12" tunnel below that, followed by another alley and then a bed on a 24" x 24" base. Each piece has an opening in the bottom for the cats to climb through.
Model: MF-83
Sizes: 7'2" Tall, 24"x24" Base
Pieces: (1) ring 16.5" diameter, 3" deep, (2) alleys 24.5" long, 13.5" wide, 6.5" deep, (1) tunnel 13.5" diameter 24.5" long, (1) bed 16.5" diameter, 3" deep