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In addition to the books scattered along this page, you can find many at Amazon. The ones I read in 1989 are out of print now, but can be found used; each of the ones below has a fairly extensive section on toilet-training.

Daniel Freudberg's cat, Kal, while on stage two of his toilet-training.

My wife Katie and I trained our two cats Jake and Riker (I love Star Trek) to use a regular toilet. Along the way, I decided ‘hey, let’s make a DVD about the process and sell it!’

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Cat toilet training is a great way to keep your house cleaner, and many cats take to it quite well. Okay, now you know that training your cat to use the toilet is not the best for your cat, and the assumption that it’ll be more convenient for you is questionable. But what do you do if maintaining a litter box is still a pain? Luckily you can .

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Brooks – whose eight-step method relies on items readers likely have at home, such as an expendable mixing bowl – advises first doing a “truffle test”: Dropping an orb-shaped chocolate into the toilet to make sure the splash isn’t so high that it will dampen and disturb the feline above. Brooks said he has successfully trained eight cats and is currently coaching his two kittens, Anderson Cooper and Gloria Vanderbilt.

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To toilet train your cat you need to get a few supplies in stock. We have divided this list into two categories - the must have's and nice to have's. Happy training! Once your cat is trained to use a cardboard box, start moving the box around the room, towards the bathroom. If the box is in a corner, move it a few feet from the corner, but not very noticeably. If you move it too far, he may go to the bathroom in the original corner. Do it gradually. You’ve got to get him thinking. Then he will gradually follow the box as you move it to the bathroom. (Important: if you already have it there, move it out of the bathroom, around, and then back. He has to learn to follow it. If it is too close to the toilet, to begin with, he will not follow it up onto the toilet seat when you move it there.) A cat will look for his box. He smells it.Litter Kwitter and CitiKitty are the most popular cat toilet training systems and kits available on the market today, and they are presented below.

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Many people treat their pets like furry children. But within that demographic is a small minority of cat owners who have taken pet humanization to the next level by eschewing litter in favor of sharing the toilet with their animals. Toilet-training cats is surprisingly possible, evangelists say, and the benefits are great: No litterbox smell. No gravelly grains underfoot. No scooping. (Just flushing, because thumb-less felines are no good at that.)