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Description. Purina Tidy Cats Pure Nature Cat Litter uses the power of natural ingredients to fight even the toughest odors. The 99% natural formula is made from a ...
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I use Tidy Cats Pure Nature, and World’s Best cat litter the most, whichever happens to be on sale/the cheapest when I buy.

10. Dust-free litter: Litter dust may be a major factor is triggering feline asthma. For those cats suffering from this, it is essential that this be minimized. Every time they stir up the litter, some of that dust can reach their lungs. Unfortunately, a completely dust-free litter does not exist but some come very close. Nature's Miracle litter appears to be the best litter on the market. In my experience, it has the lowest levels of dust for commercial cat litters. When you dump a fresh bag in the box, it is nice not to have that huge cloud of dust that takes 15 minutes to settle down. Made from ground corn cobs, it also does an outstanding job of masking odor and clumps very nicely. Other good choices are Arm & Hammer Naturals, Blue Buffalo, World's Best Cat Litter, Tidy Cat Pure Nature and Swheat Scoops. A major environmental downside to traditional clumping litters is the use of clay, in particular sodium bentonite, which is predominantly collected by strip-mining, which degrades land and waterways.

Every time my cat uses the litter, the box and surrounding 5ft

Buy Purina Tidy Cats Pure Nature Cedar, Pine & Corn Clumping Litter for Multiple Cats 12 lb For my fur babies I use Tidy Cats Pure Nature clumping litter made with cedar, pine and corn. It works well for them and they like it plus it has a very pleasant scent. I have 2 litter boxes and that works fine for them. The only thing I don’t like much about the litter is the dust and after a couple of days the litter no longer has the nice scent. I clean their boxes twice a day once in the morning and latter in the evening after I come home from work. I always make sure to wash my hands right after I clean their boxes.

Caution to use of Corn Based Cat Litters – Truth about Pet Food

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