Tidy Cats Lightweight 24/7 Performance Cat Litter Review

The Tidy Cats Glade Tough Odor Solutions Cat Litter Review earns 2.5 out of 5 cats. The clumping is decent and the odor neutralization is serviceable, but the price is just a bit too high in our opinion for what you are getting. The main selling point, the glad scent, is also too strong and may be a turn off to your or your cat. You won’t be overly disappointed with the features of this litter but we feel you can achieve the same results with several cheaper options.

Oct 6, 2013 - Back in August, I was given the chance to review Tidy Cats Lightweight Litter

We received to review about 1 month ago. Charlie and Trigg don’t use Tidy Cats litter, but my brother’s cat, Boots, uses it. So I reached out to my brother and sister-in-law to see if they would be interested in trying it out on Boots. They obliged.

Tidy Cats 24/7 Performance Cat Litter Review - Best Cat Litter

Nov 5, 2013 - We received Tidy Cats Lightweight Litter to review about 1 month ago I didn't think I would ever be writing a review on cat litter since I have been a dedicated Febreeze pellet fan for several years but we took in a kitten that wouldn't take to that system so I had to buy litter. After going through several different brands of litter, we (the cat and myself) have settled on Tidy Cat litter as our choice for his indoor existance. This product has minimal dust when pouring, has a great scent that seems to last for up to a week and clumps well for both urine and feces. Another plus is that Peanut doesn't track much of this product out of the cat box which means less cleanup for me. Granted, I love the pellet system best but for my choicy little yellow cat, it beats the other alternatives such as my bathroom rug, the floor or kitchen carpet.

Tidy Cats has a great product and I am so grateful that both cat and owner are happy with this choice. They have several formulas but we prefer the cannister with the light blue lid. It has a pleasant smell we both can tolerate.


Tidy Cats 4 in 1 Strength Cat Litter Review

I have used Tidy Cats Scoop Instant Action Cat Litter for a couple of months now. I would not recommend the litter for anyone with more then one cat. I have three. They are inside cats. The smell of the litter is horrible. I do clean out the box everyday. It seems like i am forever adding litter to the box to keep the smell down. I do dump the box once a week and start with new litter. I do clean it out everyday. I am going to the store buying new litter once a week. The litter does not seem to absorb like it should. I have always thought of Tidy cat as a good brand. It would be better for just one cat not three. I will be buying a new brand.

Moisture Absorption
The litter does not absorb like it should.

Ease of Cleaning
Cleaning is easy, but seems like i am doing it more then i should. I do have to scrap the bottom sometimes, where the litter sticks.

Odor Control
The odor control is not working like i think it should. To me it seems like Tidy cat would be one of the better brands.

Ease of Use
Use is easy. Just pour in the kitty box. The container is a bit heavy when pouring the first time.

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