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This superstition goes back to the 1700s. When babies died of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), people were quick to blame a cat seen lying in the crib. Today, soft toys, illnesses, a stomach-lying position have all been linked to SIDS -- but not cats. Cats are drawn to cribs because they're warm, cozy, elevated places -- perfect for a catnap.

To enrich the lives of indoor cats, we have developed this

My cats think their Mewvie Birdland DVD is the best thing to come along since fish flakes. Billy, in particular, will watch the twittering birds in an outdoor setting for several hours. In fact, this DVD has stimulated his interest in television in general. The DVD can be set to play in a loop for extended continuous play. Be sure to read my photo review.

23 Insanely Clever Products Every Cat Owner Will Want

Like a board game for cats, this toy features five separate games, each offering a new and stimulating challenge. A spin-off version of the we included in our , this toy features two rails of captive balls that cats can bat and chase around the ring. The advantage of this version is that the center can be filled with catnip for an intense play session. The circulation of the ball will create wafts of the catnip to keep your cat interested. It makes a very good, already-popular toy even better. For a little less, you can get the simpler

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In addition to being an intrinsic part of a cat's normal conformation, her front claws are her primary defense. Once declawed, there is no replacement or regrowth of the claws. You may think, "My cat never goes outside." But what if your cat accidentally gets outside and you can't find her? She is now defenseless in a potentially hostile environment.

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The thick rope wrapped around the bases of the tree branches is great for more variety of scratching surfaces. Like the design of this tree. #cats #CatTreeSometimes, cats will chew on house plants, which can be toxic for them. If you notice them doing this, that small portions of veggies can be a good option for your cat instead.Any cat lover will tell you that cats are interesting animals. They all have their own distinct personalities, so cute! Cats can be lovely, mean, grumpy, tender, cheeky, tough, lazy or just very very cool. If you are the owner of a cool cat or if you just love cool cat stuff then this list is for you. 20 Awesome Things for cool cats!Although many cats like dairy products, they’re one of the most controversial human foods for cats. This is because a lot of cats are lactose intolerant and cannot process dairy properly.