Where do you need the cat groomer?

People think cats are “self-groomers.” Have you ever seen a cat trim their nails or clean their ears? You have seen a cat lick themselves spreading cat saliva all over their bodies. When a person is allergic to a cat, they are actually allergic to the dried cat saliva on the cats body. Cats need grooming just like dogs. If you have a shedding problem in your home, a professional groom that includes a bath and blow dry will solve your problem.

“You groom cats? You mean you actually give them a bath? You must be out of your mind!”

Some displacement grooming is perfectly normal for cats. But if Kitty becomes obsessive about grooming so that it interferes with other normal behavior or interaction, or causes physical harm (hair loss or skin injury, for example), seek a veterinarian's advice.

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Students share about their experiences at the former National Cat Groomers school. Paw Prints of Harlem is a luxury pet spa and boutique looking for an experienced dog groomer for a full-time and part-time position with room for growth. The candidate must have excellent scissoring skills, customer service skills and a genuine concern for dogs, cats and their health. Cat grooming experience and bilingual are a plus. Candidate must be a team player, have a genuine interest in creative styling and must have fun while working. E-mail your resume with your complete contact information and pictures of your work.

Where do you need the cat groomer?

I absolutely love all animals. I'm trying to become a veterinarian in the future.I walk dogs, and I can groom both cats and dogs.I feed the pets or pet in which I'm watching on time. I'm pretty much good with animals of all kind, so I'm a phone call and an email away if any is interested in my services.

Where do you need the cat groomer?

The Pet Maven's vision is to provide animal caregivers the ultimate in peace of mind for cat care and grooming through a house call solution. We believe establishing true partnerships with our clients is paramount to excellent animal care.We sterilize our equipment after use for each cat because some can carry ringworm and not exhibit symptoms of the disease. We do not want ringworm passed on to another cat. We select the best blade length for your cat to help avoid skin irritations or post-grooming problems. We use shampoo and water to clean cats. Then, we may rinse two or three times to insure all soap has been thoroughly rinsed. Unless we specify otherwise, we do not use a dry bath chemical solution.It's important to realize that just because a cat has a gentle disposition does not mean he will be clipped safely by all groomers. Cats may curl up their body in a protective mode and they will not usually stand for grooming as a dog will. They may pull their legs away from the clippers. While positioning the cat, the groomer must be careful not to cut the thin bones or skin around the hocks, arm pits, or any protruding bones. The wrong blade choice or use of broken blades can result in sometimes serious cuts to the skin, as can bearing down too hard with the clippers since the groomer might not be aware of ripples and loose skin. Many customers have been bringing their cats to us for years and when they watch us clipping, they recognize our skills and often believe we were their best choice.We can handle most cats safely. We have a number of cats who tolerate grooming well, and the owners do not have to get sedatives. However, if cats are extremely difficult or aggressive, pet owners will need to get sedatives from the veterinarian, at a cost of about $1 per pill. But remember, the veterinarian may want to examine the cat before prescribing the tranquilizer.