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To get a sense of where LogMeIn's opportunities lay in the fledgling Internet of Things market, BostInno recently spoke to Xively's first-in-command, Paddy Srinivasan.Srinivasan, who joined LogMeIn right around when Xively officially launched, said most of Xively's customers will be divided between products in the premium consumer and light industrial spaces. On the premium consumer side, that includes SureFlap's connected cat door. For light industrial, that includes Symmons Industries' Inflow shower valve, which helps hotel managers manage and conserve water usage.Because the core competencies of companies in these spaces are hardware design and product manufacturing, many of them lack the expertise to build software to connect these products to the Internet, Srinivasan said. That knowledge gap is where LogMeIn has the biggest opportunity for the Internet-of-Things market, he said."Our value proposition to them is to simplify their journey to having a connected product business," Srinivasan said.Xively acts as a management platform for these connected products, helping companies get insights into how many products are activated, how many are being used, how they are being used, how often they are experiencing issues and other variables, he said.For example, Srinivasan said, one of LogMeIn's customers uses Xively to keep track of paper and toner supply in its industrial printers, giving it the ability to auto-replenish whenever supply gets low.Another example is the connected shower valve being made by Symmons Industries: with connectivity enabled by Xively, the shower valves can track how much water is being used in hotels and aggregate all that data for management and predictive maintenance purposes.

cat refused to go through a smaller cheaper cat door made by another company.

"Thank you for a Great Product !" ... R.A. .. Buffalo, N.Y. " ...Then I saw your product on the internet. I fell in love with it immediately...
I will definitely show this to all my friends and anyone else who might want to see it."

C.S. .. Juneau, Alaska "We love the CATHOLE, as do Mittens, Hope, & Willis !!!" ... A.S. .. Ludlow, VT "..Add our names to your list of satisfied customers!

J.F. & R.F. .... it's great ! My cats like to run through it and hide from the dog !!"

D. H. .... Brighton, MI "MAX loves it. It's in the door between the 'finished' and 'unfinished' areas of our basement".
R. C. ...Lake Orion, MI "They love it! So do we. Thank you for a great convenience.
No more messy litter box in my laundry room for all to see.
Plus, when we get a dog in May, my cats will want to thank you too! "

S. A. .... Willard, OH "Can't wait to get my CATHOLE !" ... L.G. .. Hovertown, PA
"It was just what we needed. .... and it only took 15 minutes to install! We love it and so do our cats!"
B.W. .... Lexington, KY
"I am ordering this as a gift for my sister."
... G.F. ...Naperville,IL

..Ray Pawley.. "Thank you for making such a great product. We can't wait to install it!"
... K.S. .. Oakdale, NY
"Great Product !"
... M.B. .. Ponte Verda, FL

Such an amazing idea.
We love the cathole. We have ordered two.
We built a new home and left space in the attic door
and the hot water heater room for her litter box.


"I am completely happy with my cathole as are my two cats.
.... Thank you again for making a product that effectively and aesthetically keeps my dog out of the cats' litter area !"
... D.H. .. Montgomery, IL

We have proudly owned our cathole for years now,
and people always remark how ingenious it is
when they visit.
Ours is in the laundry room door so
the litterbox, food and water bowls stay hidden.
.... Chloe has just joined our family and
she just learned to go through the cathole.

Jennifer Uhlman

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Microchip cat doors and feeders

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Doggie Door Door Company - Albuquerque & Santa Fe, New Mexico

Absolute garbage. Would have given 0 stars if there was an option. Bought this 3 mo ago as an upgrade from and IdealPet door. The house has a large porch and it is in the Arizona desert. We get storms during the summer and the winds can be strong but nothing like a tornado or a hurricane. The flap on the door does not stay shut as advertised but rather blows right open. Moreover, the quality of the materials used on this door is pure garbage. The concept is good and it is made in the US but it's not made right. For the money, this is unacceptable. To top it off, it is very ugly. Mercedes price and 80's Hyundai quality. The company's customer service is a joke. They are arrogant and do not go the extra mile to cater to the customer. Replacement parts for the door are very expensive and they do not last. We have 4 dogs, the door already looks like it's been there years and not just a few months. Will replace the back door to the house this pretend dog door was installed into and revert back to the IdealPet door. Please do not waste your money on this product.

The SureFlap Microchip Cat Door - Keep Unwanted Cats Out!