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My cat is very obese. She doesn't like to move and won't play with anything. So when I got Cat Dancer, I was skeptical. I was wrong. She LOVES it. I had NEVER seen my cat leap up on two legs and pounce until we got this toy. She sits by the cat dancer and meows until someone picks it up to play with her. It has made my sedentary cat active again. She and I couldn't be happier.

The Cat DancerFor the kitty that displays the habits of a sloth and the girth of a hippo.&nbsp

Aside from not being environmentally friendly, clay litter is also potentially damaging to pets and people. It is dusty and can cause respiratory problems in pets and humans. While it is absorbent, it can also become smelly even when scooped regularly. There is also a danger of cats or kittens ingesting the scoopable litter, which can potentially cause dehydration and intestinal blockages. (Ahlstrom.)

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The Cat DancerFor the kitty that displays the habits of a sloth and the girth of a hippo. "It's inexpensive and it works," Cat Fancy magazine wrote in 1995, when it inducted the Cat Dancer into its Hall of Fame. "The most classic cat toy ever," attested cat owner Alex Hinman as he waited to pick up his felines at a Milwaukee-area veterinary clinic.

Cat Dancer is the original interactive cat toy

In the process of shipping more than 12 million Cat Dancers and nearly as many of the other cat toys he has invented over the years Boelke became an authority on the vast market for products that indulge the nation's most popular pet.

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And few things put on film have ever been creepier than "Cat Dancers," the story of three people who for many years "danced" on stage with tigers and other big cats. Cat Dancer Compleat is a Cat Dancer interactive cat toy packaged with a soft paw-shaped wall-mount. When the owner is away, the cat can still play with its favorite…This documentary tells their story, in an autobiographical and largely chronological narration by , the surviving member of the Cat Dancer trio. A three-foot piece of 20-gauge oil-tempered spring steel, tipped at each end by twisted strips of cardboard. Waved at a cat, the Cat Dancer undulates enticingly.The Catnip Cat Dancer features the same lure as Cat Dancer but incorporates a mouse on the other end. This mouse is infused with 100% catnip oil in the…The Original Cat Dancer® and a paw to hold the toy on a wall. Kitty can play while you’re away. The included Command® Stripswill not mar your wall.