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One respondent to our informal poll of favorite cat foods likened Purina One Smartblend to a preferred premium brand but for its cheaper price. Indeed, other Purina One Smartblend Adult Variety reviews also trumpet the low price while touting the strong cat appeal. The best thing about this dry cat food, say reviews at Walmart and , are the two happy customers -- pet and master. Several reviewers note that all the many cats in their care readily scarf it down and other cat food reviews cite health benefits that accrue after switching to this product -- a pet that no longer throws up, for example, and a once portly feline that's now in fit and fighting trim.

of the most recognized and best organic cat food brands on the market: Organix.

The experts at Doctors Foster and Smith say sufficient protein from the right food sources is critical for cat health. Cats may be domesticated but their hearts and digestive systems remain wild. They should eat as though they still roam free, which means a diet rich in protein from muscle meat. The vet a, a fierce proponent of canned food, ranks poultry above beef as the best protein source and is wary of fish due to allergies, toxins, and its addictive qualities. Animal experts frown on the inclusion of meat and fish byproducts (e.g., bone, blood, brain) and say plant-based protein should play a marginal role in a cat's daily intake. Grains and carbohydrates, including complex fruits and vegetables, should be kept to less than 10 percent of their diets.

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cat food items are among the top best-selling and nutritional foods on the market. Cooking your own homemade cat food is the best way to ensure top quality nutrition. Careful about 1) The right ratio of protein to fat to carbs; 2) Food sources packed with primary nutrients as well as vitamins/minerals; 3) Additional supplements and health boosters. Apply this checklist to every homemade cat food recipe to ensure your cat is getting the best nutrition in the proper amounts.

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BEST DRY CAT FOOD. Top-of-the-line ingredients at an affordable price appeal to many owners who say the grain-free and high-quality protein recipe keeps cats healthy. Not readily available at the supermarket, Taste of the Wild loyalists find it online or at pet supply stores. (Note: Some batches of this brand were voluntarily recalled during spring 2012. Check this for details.)

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