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I have been reading your reviews and I have gotten a lot of great information. I just have one more question. I have always fed all my cats Purina Cat Chow Indoor. I have a 10yr old Female Tabby and a 3yr old Himalayan/Siamese mix Male. The female recently has been throwing up a lot and the food is still full size kibbles as if it didn’t even get broken down. My male cat has not had any problems except an occasional hairball. I’m just wondering what food could I feed both of my cats that will benefit them both. I know with my male he has not had any crystal problems and I would hate to change his food and have him start. Also I do free feed them, but I am aware I need to change that asap. They are both indoor cats, very energetic though. I notice the male does drink a lot of water where as my female does not. I would love to help her throwing up problem without causing more problems for her or even him. I have no problem spending the money for the food, I’m just not sure what brand to turn to? I have heard that Evanger’s may not be bad. What do you think would be best?

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(4) There is no Holy Grail of cat food (sorry, Lynn). All we can do is attempt the balance the good, the bad, and the ugly. And the best way to do this is through rotation–offering your kitty many brands and varieties. If you’re not already doing this, start with foods that are similar in protein/fat content. Otherwise, you’ll run into digestive issues.

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Cat food brand Friskies recently hosted Grabbing a bag of the cheapest food on the shelf is often not a good plan for the long term since it can lead to unintended consequences, such as vitamin and mineral deficiencies, or unhealthy weight gain (for grown cats). These health consequences alone can lead to clinical health problems requiring medical care, and now is not a good time to be taking chances with your pet's health. Before deciding on the most economically viable food brand, do your research to make sure you are choosing the best formula at the best price.

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Two of my other cats started vomiting today. OMG!!! are you kidding. I had Hills mixed with their regular dry cat food to try break them in slowly. Not realizing it was the food until I started reading different reviews. All of Hills' Science Diet has been thrown out. I have saved the bags because I am going to try and get my money back. So far the two cats today seem ok. I am going to take them to the vet if they show any other signs of being sick. Hills brands themselves as doing what is best for our feline friends. Your ingredients are not so... Check them out. What is making them so sick? Hills should be held accountable.

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Indoor cat owners may need to try a few different varieties and brands of cat food before they can choose what is the best cat food for their indoor cat. Stick to choices that contain high levels of protein and fats with no carbs, but that also don’t put a strain on your budget. Indoor cats are adaptable pets, and will quickly learn to come running for dinner if they feel that their dietary needs are being met.This article will help you find the best food for kittens. You will learn about the kinds of cat food, quality brands and see the top 10 foods available. At the end you will find a buying guide, where I will try to teach you how to choose what is best for your cat.