Apr 1, 2017 - OP: What is the best canned cat food to feed my cat

Hi Janice,
Best advice I can give you is to go over to . Many vets are ignorant about proper cat nutrition unfortunately. The website is dedicated to proper cat nutrition and written by a vet who has done in depth research on cat nutrition. There is a cat food composition chart on the website as well which will help you find high protein/low carb cat food. It was referenced in the article above as well. It appears your cat is getting too much fish and the diet is not complete with proper nutrients for a cat. Wet cat food is high in moisture and helps to flush out their system. I have had cats my entire life and they are all on a high protein (meat protein not plant/vegetable protein)/ low carbohydrate diet. I feed almost no fish and limit the amount of beef as well. Most dry food is high is carbs, calories, low moisture content and has terrible ingredients. Reference this dry food comparison chart: . The chart is updated with new foods all the time. If I feed any dry I feed EVO but my cats eat mostly wet food. Rad Cat makes a good raw cat food as well that we include in the rotation. Hope this helps. Let me know if you want any additional help. I firmly believe once your cat is on the correct diet all problems will resolve themselves.

Learning what to look out for can help you choose the best food for your cat.

In the wild your cat would get perfectly balanced, ideal nutrition, neatly wrapped into one small package: a mouse. The best commercial cat foods essentially try to replicate that delicate balance of proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals. Some do a surprisingly accurate job, critics say. However, caring cat owners need to be wary as lots of cat foods fall woefully short. That said, we found good, species appropriate cat foods at nearly every price point -- from 70-cent per can supermarket cat food to $40 bags of frozen gourmet duck for your cat.

consumer search names spot's stew the best canned cat food

With that in mind, we’ve put together this review of the best canned cat foods. This brand provides a good option for Bengal cat food. The company offers a wide variety that includes nutrient packed foods free of grain. Your Bengal cat can indeed survive on foods from Purina. Ensure that you pinpoint which Purina foods are best for your cat’s breed, dietary goals and age.

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I am convinced that the perfect cat food does not exist. All you can do is choose the best one you can find at a price you can afford and that your cat likes. You can make up for one food's shortcoming by switching to another food for a few weeks and then back again.

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