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We only feed Taste of the Wild to our Labs and our Maine Coon cat. Their coats are like glass and they are healthy and energetic. We always recommend this to anyone we speak to about pet food. Pet Food Express in Northern Ca always has a good stock of product. My youngest lab has a history of ear infections from allergies but since putting him on Taste of the Wild he hasn’t had a single problem. Highly recommend to everyone and every breed.

Here is the recall info from Taste of the Wild. It just states pet so please check both your dog and cat food bags until we know for sure.

Just purchased a bag of Taste of the Wild Salmon in May 2017 from same local food store been buying it from for 4 yrs. My Labrador became ill immediately upon first feeding. He could not defecate, straining and either nothing came out or just slimy bits. He did not defecate for 36-48 hours, very odd as he usually goes 3-4 times in that timeframe. I fed him rice instead for 2 days and he is now defecating again. Stool is a very pale color. Liver problem/damage??? Kidneys too?! THANKFULLY I READ THIS REPORT BY CONSUMERS before feeding him TOTW again! Taste of the Wild needs to be RECALLED ASAP! It is causing great harm to our pets!!! The food is going back to the store ASAP and I will file a complaint to Taste of the Wild ASAP!

Oct 28, 2016 - Taste Of The Wild Rocky Mountain Grain-Free Cat Food

Tags: pet food recalls, taste of the wild cat food, taste of the wild dog food, taste of the wild recall, tow recall I was using this product for at least a year when all of a sudden my cat started scratching and it got so bad that he made himself a hot spot. I changed his food to a different grain free food and the scratching stopped. When he got well I tried giving him Taste of the Wild again and he immediately started the scratching again bringing back the hot spot. Once I took him off Taste of the Wild, the Hot Spot started going away. It was obvious that there was something in the food that caused his scratching all of a sudden so I’m thinking that maybe they changed the ingredients in the food recently causing an allergic reaction.

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My cat is around 12 now. Her name is Freckles. She was loosing weight. I got some free samples of Taste Of the Wild cat food from the store. She likes it and I like the ingredients. Well Freckles is gaining weight and her fur is soft and shinning. I am glad this food is good for my cat.

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