Deconstructing Dental Chews and Tartar-Control Treats for Pets

I have two cats and they definitely love Whiskas Temptation Tarter Control Treats. I use these to get my indoor/outdoor cats to come in. I just shake the bag and call "treats" and they come bounding in right away. They gobble them up and never seem to lose their attention. I have given my cats all of the flavors and they seem to like them all equally. I do want to give a warning for the Hairball formula. When my cats ate these a few times, both did throw up hairballs so I guess that is the point. I rarely give my cats this particular flavor because of the mess and that I haven't checked with my vet to see if this is the safest way to deal with hairballs. As far as tarter build up and Whiskas helping to eliminate this, I again am no expert, but my cats both seem very happy and have healthy teeth, so perhaps the treats are working. I am just thrilled by how much my cats both love these treats, and how I can count on the bag enticing my cats back into the house at a moments notice.

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There are lots of toys, treats and chews designed to promote dental health in dogs. Cats, as we know, are much more discrete about what they put in their mouths. Pet stores do carry similar chew toys with cats in mind, although most cats, in my experience, tend to ignore these products. Tartar-control treats, however, seem to be popular with many cats. Cat owners who regularly give their cats treats should consider using crunchy tartar-control treats vs. the softer treats, especially for cats prone to dental disease.

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Arm and Hammer Ora Treat Dental Crunchy Treats Tartar Control for Cats delicate For best results, tooth brushing should start when your cat is a kitten. Young kittens will easily adapt to teeth cleaning at home. As cats age and develop tooth and gum disease, there may be pain associated with brushing and they may be less willing to allow brushing. If your cat is completely unwilling to allow brushing, there are dental wipes that can help control plaque when rubbed twice daily against the teeth and gums.

How to Control Tartar Build-up on Your Pet's Teeth

Tartar control treats and chews are okay in moderation, but they’re not sufficient for effectively cleaning your cat’s teeth. If, however, you regularly clean your cat's teeth, special food supplements can be a good addition to an already healthy diet. Try using these healthy chews and treats as a reward for good behavior while getting your cat used to having his teeth cleaned.

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Below are listed some common forms of home oral hygiene that have been proven to be of benefit for cats. Combining several methods will achieve the best results. All methods of home oral hygiene share the goal of preventing or controlling by minimizing plaque (bacterial film) accumulation, and preventing the mineralization of the plaque to form dental tartar. Cats can be reluctant to accept home oral hygiene, and require a very gradual, gentle and patient approach to achieve success. The Petrodex Dental Care Kit has a toothpaste that controls plaque and freshens breath, and is a flavor cats seem to like. The kit contains a small-head toothbrush as well as an alternative finger toothbrush for cats that dislike the feel of a brush in their mouth. The toothpaste in this kit is a veterinarian-recommended, no-rinse formula that fights buildup of plaque and tartar and helps control bad breath.