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If you want a taller than normal baby gate then the Regalo easy step is a great option. At 41 inches high it can even keep some cats out (older fatter ones anyway). Just be sure to measure your door. While Regalo claims it fits doors from 29 and 34 inches wide, You will need the included wall cups for it to hold tight at 34 inches, otherwise your baby (or pet) be able to knock it down. Like all Regalo products, it comes with a 90 day limited warranty. It is definitely one of the tallest baby gates out there.

Sturdy, very easy to install. Gate works great and has access for cats to go through easily

I did find some online reviews for that extra tall gate I posted and it was half and half on keeping the cats out. Some cats seemed scared the drop on the otherside. But one of my cats isn't scared of anything - like ran up to my mom's barking dog and jumped on his face. She has used on 8 of her 9 lives and is only 3 years old. LOL

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Extra tall pet gates for when standard pet gates are too short. Works for large dogs or cats that can jump high. Hi! Are there any screw-in extra tall gates that you can recommend for a wide opening (65 inches)? I’m trying to keep kids in and cats out of a playroom. Thanks!

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We all love our dogs, but sometimes for their own protection (and ours) we have to keep them away from certain areas. Whether you want to keep your dog out of the kitchen during cooking, away from the dining room table during dinner, out of the guest area at a party, separate from young children and infants or safely at the bottom of the stairs, a secure, durable, convenient and easy-to-install wooden safety gate can be the perfect solution for you.

Pet Mountain's Metal Dog Gate Store features top quality, super durable gates designed to suit the needs of every pet, owner and home. Whether you are looking a safety gate that allows only humans through, a gate with a small pet door to allow cats and smaller pets through at will, or standalone gates to create makeshift pens, we've got what you need. The is made of heavy-duty tubular steel with a durable, non-toxic white enamel finish. An easy lift handle allows easy, one-hand access. The gate securely locks at the top and bottom to prevent accidental opening, making this gate perfect for keeping your pet where he belongs in the house. The features a pressure mount system that is easy to install and remove. Featuring a simple design and convenient to use, this gate is ideal for any busy household. The is a convenient, one-touch, walk-thru design gate. Whether setting it up for the first time or removing it to take to another place in your home, the Carlson Extra Tall Gate pressure mount system is easy to install and remove.

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