Nine-Foot-Tall Cat Tower Is The Perfect Feline Playground Ca

Proud to say we are now owners of a new cat tower! We made it a bit taller and added a little house on the first floor and toys dangling under each level. Our cat got on it to play before we were even finished with assembly.

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Modern Corner Climbing Cat Tower, 68 Cat Condo – usually has more enclosures, typically more massive than a cat tree
Cat Tree – more perches, may have up to one small tube enclosure, not usually as massive as a condo
Cat Tower – I don’t know. Really really tall? Enclosed, upright tubes? I really struggled with the “tower”

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The Lotus Cat Tower also blends well with modern furniture. Standing at almost 6 feet tall, its multiple platforms give cats a place to climb and perch. There is some assembly required. This one is also quite sleek and gives your cats several shelves to perch on as well as a cubby hole on the bottom and a sisal scratching pad on the side.

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The Chimney Sweep is an imaginative tower of fun for any cat. The tall center pole is wrapped in sisal for those “digging in” moments while 5 comfy beds and myriad of climbing options promote excellent exercise and entertainment! I was a bit disappointed when I opened the box. This is NOT Kuranda's fault at all--totally my mistake for not paying closer attention to the description of the material used for the cat products. I have three other Kuranda pet beds, but those are dog beds and made from a wonderful mesh material. This tower will be outdoors in Florida and I think the mesh would have been much cooler and also would have dried more quickly after one of our afternoon showers. I'm sure Kuranda felt the heavy vinyl was more appropriate for cats. I'm going to keep it anyway. I still love Kuranda products. "I was concerned about the stability of a tall cat tower with a small footprint, but I needn't have been. The weighting of the base and the overall sturdiness of construction are excellent. My other cat, who weighs close to 14 pounds, climbed up the outside of one of the posts all the way to the top, and the tower didn't even jiggle. The cradles are securely attached. The carpeting is dense and well secured inside and out, and the sisal rope is thick and strong.The Vesper above isn’t the only modern cat tower designed to look like high-end furniture. This cat tower stands six feet tall and offers an elegant, understated place for your cat to lounge. Each of the three platforms are covered in berber carpet, which is augmented by a sisal scratch pad and a faux suede pillow. The large platform at the top is big enough for two cats to recline in, while a hideaway at the bottom offers another place to relax. Both finishes are dark wood tones. The company also makes a to match.