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This kitty condo is great. My cat loves it! Its very tall and sturdy. The price is right and it shipped pretty quckly. Your cat is going to love this kitty condo!

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These DIY cat condos/trees look great! I am currently building a kitty enclosure for the backyard that I am planning to have something like this inside for them. It won’t be totally out in the open against the weather since it will have a roof, but the sides of the enclosure that aren’t against the house will be made of Phifer Pet Screen. That being said, are there different materials choices that you would recommend for a somewhat outdoor condo? I don’t really want carpeting that may mold if wet from rain, for example, but I don’t want to just use treated wood either…seems kinda boring for the cats. Any suggestions you might have?

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Who says a cat condo has to be tall? Make a chunky crocheted kitty basket/bed pattern #rrrcattree Katimanjaro | Cat Condo | Kitty Gym The Katimanjaro cat condo is Huge, standing at just over 7' tall and for the record officially measuring in at exactly 86", with a shorter 73" option also available. You can also custom tailor the look of your Katimanjaro with a "Vines" or "No Vines" pattern option.

Yugster - 80" Tall Cat Condo Scratching Post - Choose from 3 Colors

The TRIXIE Pet Products Baza Cat Tree proves that bargain-priced cat trees can still deliver satisfaction for both cats and owners. While it doesn't feature climbing platforms or a kitty condo, it does provide two sisal-covered scratching posts, a plush, fabric-covered cat hammock, and an attached dangling toy. It's the simplest design on our cat tree shortlist, but it receives a consistent stream of high ratings from owners nonetheless. We are especially impressed by how sturdy and easy to assemble the hammock is. The customer has only to install two screws to attach the hammock to the base. The most common concern expressed by owners is the quality and durability of the support columns and base, which are made of a cork board material.

80" Tall Cat Condo Tree Scratching Post - Choose From 3 ..

Cat Condo – usually has more enclosures, typically more massive than a cat tree
Cat Tree – more perches, may have up to one small tube enclosure, not usually as massive as a condo
Cat Tower – I don’t know. Really really tall? Enclosed, upright tubes? I really struggled with the “tower”Pet owners who live in a small apartment will have less available space for than those cat owners who live in homes with multiple rooms. Measuring the intended space or spaces where the cat furniture will be set up is a critical step. Fortunately, most cat condos are tall and capitalize on vertical space; therefore, they will not occupy much floor space. It is still very important to make sure any piece of furniture, including furniture for a cat, will fit the available space without displacing the people who live there.Cat owners should consider their homes from their cat's point of view. Cats love curling up and sleeping in the afternoon sun, so pet owners should consider putting their used in a spot in their homes that gets some sunlight. In addition, cats like to hide in dark spaces, such as in boxes or under beds. If there is a spot in a pet owner's home that can get some sunlight but is also shaded at different times of the day, that location would be ideal for a cat condo. Cats also like high perches, so a pet owner may wish to dedicate a high-ceilinged space to a tall cat condo.
All kinds of positions to play and rest, perch and pounce! Our foam scratching pads are comfortable enough for a cat nap, yet durable and safe enough for your cat to really dig their claws into! Our elegant steel frame is stable and built to last. This piece will get just as much attention from your kitty as your guests!

Is my cat going to like the padded scratching pads?
Not only does the fabric look great in your home, but your cat will enjoy digging their claws into our specially designed foam layer. It's great for the health of their claws!

Will the fabric be durable?
Yes. We use special cross-woven fabric that is highly durable and does not unravel when scratched by your cat. It has been BATTLE TESTED by Moxie and all his friends. If you have a ambitious scratcher, you can rotate the pads to ensure even wear. In special cases of long-term heavy use, the foam scratching pads can be replaced. Please contact us about our replacement parts order form.

Isn't carpet perfect for cats?
By looking at the selection at your local pet store, you'd think so! We've found that cats enjoy our cross-woven padded scratching pads just as much as they enjoy carpet. The foam element really ads a lot to their scratching experience. Not only can your kitty enjoy this modern look, but you can as well. That's something those carpeted condos just can't offer.

Easy to keep clean.
Our modern cat furniture is really easy to keep clean with periodic vacuuming. Our recommendation is to use a fabric roller for quick cleaning.

Built to last with top quality materials.
Our large cat tower weights 30lbs and is constructed of steel and high density fiberboard. It is only 40" tall, so the center of gravity is relatively low. We have many customers with large cats, and they've reported great results.

Modern Cat Designs Modern Condo
Now your cats furniture is just as stylish as the rest of your home, you can keep it out when company comes over. Now that's something we can sink our claws into!

Dimensions: 22.25"D x 16.5"W x 40"H

Weight: 28 lbs.